Policy and Procedures: Control of Dues


Jan 2013


Finance 002


Control of Membership Dues/Corporate Shareholders


To maintain a current list of shareholders (members), control the allocation of dues between the Corporate and Region and to adhere to the necessities of the Corporate Audit




1) Membership fees are defacto shares and must be remitted to the Corporate Treasurer.

2) One half of membership fees are to be retained by the appropriate Region

Funds transfer Procedure: Transmittal of Corporate portion only

Region Treasurer:

1) Each Region is to remit to the Corporate account on a regular basis one half of the membership dues collected. This transfer may be made by either direct deposit to the Corporate account or by cheque through the mail. The Corporate Treasurer must be notified by email or direct mail of each deposit and a copy of the deposit slip is to accompany this notice.

2) All deposits must be accompanied by a list of the members’ names to which the dues apply.

3) In the case of new members the name, address, etc must be submitted.

4) All membership data (whether renewal or new) must be transmitted to the Corporate Secretary for the purpose of maintaining the membership database.

Corporate Treasurer:

5) On a monthly basis, ensure that all deposits shown on the bank statement co-relate to deposit slips.

6) The Corporate Treasurer shall reconcile the deposits against the membership list provided by the Corporate Secretary.

Corporate Secretary:

7) The Corporate Secretary shall update the current dues field on the membership database from the supplied lists and add the new members.


President: ___________________
Carol Hadley
Date: ____________________

Secretary: ___________________
Jim Trick

Record of Revisions

Rev # Date Change Description Approval Method Reference Remarks
1 Mar 2012 Control of Dues of 2004 superseded due to increase in annual dues, and the distribution of dues     Changed from MS Word format to PDF
2 Jan 2013 Updated to reflect new split in dues BOD Meeting Minutes Changed to web layout