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About Our Image Galleries

Our galleries sites are designed to be the "picture" part of the main HKVCA web site. As you take a look around, you'll see lots of photos (old and new), scans of newspaper and magazine articles, and historical documents.

Most of our content is here

Yokohama Cemetery contains general images plus images of the gravestones of 'C' Force members buried there.

Captions are for the Winnipeg Grenadiers Photo Album which was created before the deployment to Jamaica. We've created the captions so that search engines can index the album, allowing names to be found.

A Word About Copyright

Some images on this site may be subject to copyright. We have published them to provide as broad a base as possible for the documentation of the Battle of Hong Kong along with associated information. If you believe that an image on our site is there without the permission of the copyright holder, please contact us using the link at the top-right of this page with the details. We do not want to break any laws, but we do wish to do our utmost to document this important part of our history.

The copyright of all images on this site remains with the owner. Copying and displaying these images elsewhere is not permitted without permission of the owner.

Using the Galleries

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As we get the time, we are attempting to provide captions for all items so that they will be indexed by various internet search engines. To save time, try searching on a name - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Additional Resources

More newspaper scans are available through the University of Manitoba Libraries. Use the search utility on that site with keywords such as "hong kong".

What You'll Find in the Galleries

War-Related Images

  • Maps
  • Battle Sequence
  • Hong Kong 1941
  • Court Martial Documents
  • Japanese Surrender
  • Homecoming


  • POWs
  • Groups
  • Individuals (Submitted by families and others)

Scanned Documents

  • Drawings/Sketches
  • Letters from Hong Kong
  • Clippings from newspapers and magazines


  • Winnipeg Grenadiers



  • Sai Wan
  • Stanley
  • Yokohama

Memorial Wall

  • Dedication ceremony
  • Photos of veterans attending
  • The completed Wall
  • Panel close-ups

Modern Day

  • 50th Anniversary
  • 2000 Pilgrimage
  • Yearly Events
  • Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal presentations
  • 2013 Convention
  • etc...


Photos and scans that defy categorization.

Can You Help?

Thanks to all who have sent in photos and scans. Keep them coming in. Just email us at the address below and we'll get them into the gallery as quickly as possible. Don't forget to annotate each photo with a short description. You can email photo images, or if you'd prefer regular mail, please email us and we'll contact you directly with further instructions.

If you can add any background information to any of our photos, we'd like to hear from you as well. Just select the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.