Edward L. Terry

1/8/40 Appointed as 2nd Lieutenant and T.O.S. no. 3 Det., R.C.A.P.C. Kingston.   Gord Swartzen already there undergoing course which was not too difficult and we were able to have a few enjoyable times together.

6/9/40 After 5 weeks training by Capt S. Wellwood, Capt. Kelly, Lieut. Pauley, Major Pilley etc. of R.C.A.P.C. and Major Taylor of R.C.O.C. T/C qualified in Pay and Common to all Arms, promoted to Lieutenant.

16/9/40 Since qualification have been acting as inspector. Amongst inspections was one at Fort Henry Internment Camp. Quite interesting, Gracie Fields happened to visit the camp while I was there. The Veterans Guard gave her a rousing welcome. In view of future developments this visit of mine is rather ironical. Marnie visited for a few days and an enjoyable time was had.

17/9/40 Drove from Kingston to Petawawa with Gord Swartzen. He is to be Paymaster of T/C #32 and I to be Paymaster of T/C #31. Met the O/C , Lt. Col. R. Larose, volatile French Canadian and likeable. Came to think a great deal of him. Work in arrears and conditions very bad under canvas and weather cold. Caught a terrific cold which  ended by 4 days in bed two months later.

4/10/40 T/O officers and personnel ,moved to permanent Camp at Cornwall. Buildings not entirely completed but sufficiently so to get underway. Officers quarters finished and we were fairly comfortable. H.Q. hut consisted of O.C. Col. Larose, 2 I.C. Major Walter Chambers, Adjutant Capt. C.D. Boyer, Q.M. Capt. Jim McCullough, STO Lieut. Frank O’Connor, WTO Dan Kieler and P.M. myself. Good bunch of fellows and we got along fine. All officers good happy-go-lucky gang and several of the senior officers remarked that the officers of the T/C/ #31 were the finest as a whole that they had ever been associated with. Documentation continues and equipment bettered somewhat. Clark Ambrose and Orval Murch doing good job. He’s a fine chap.

16/10/40 Romeo Huot T.O.S. as pay Sgt. He’s bilingual, a necessity for this T/C where recruits are more than 50% French Canadian. He’s an Ottawa U. lad and former entertainer... an asset. Plenty of work but getting into shape for first bunch of 30 day trainees. Pay office completed and in good shape.

18/10/40 First training period starts, a hectic time for all. Find time for the odd show or card game in the mess but work really night and day. Have met several great people who are very hospitable, some of the officers from Cornwall. Among them Capt. Harry Grave, Lieut.’s Garfield Kyer, Jack Fowler,, J.A.M. (Peter) MacNeil, Jack Brunette and Perce(Sp) Milligan. All of S.D. and G . Highlanders.  Also Dr. Alex Gardner.  From Ottawa were Cameron Highlander officers Major Austin O’Connor, Lt’‘s Ted Bradlet, Jeff Preston, Curly Watt, David (Deke) Drury and Bob Gilmor. Also R. De H. Officers Major Miller, Lt.’s Rene Rochefort, Fred Fortier,, Roger Picard, Armand Letellier and Wib Nixon.

20/11/40 First training period over. Four days leave so went to Toronto because Marge staying with Aunt Erie. Cold from Petawawa days has become worse so spent all of leave in bed.with high temperature. Recovered enough to return to camp on time but spent following weekend in hospital. Despite illness it was grand seeing Marge and the Pages again.

6/12/40 Promoted to Captain but still under military special regs 1940. Work continues to be heavy but staff and organization good. Murch and Huot very loyal. Morale of camp good, with minor arguments, but Pay Office seldom suffers and D.P.M seems satisfied I believe.

25/12/40 Six days leave following departure of second batch of trainees and due to Xmas season. Arrived in Toronto night of 23rd, met by Marge and the Pages. As we see each other so seldom, these re-unions always very pleasant. Spent 24th shopping and at H.F.C. (Household Finance Corp.) Offices. Talked A.P.R. into giving Swartzen and I bonus on our income prior to appointment in Pay Corps. As Aunt Erie had agreed to spend Xmas Day with the Howson’s (Sp?) Marge and I were also invited, had a very good time. Remainder of time well spent. Visited Brampton and Aunt Tilley at Dunnville. Sorry to leave but had to be back in Cornwall for special course by the 30th.