Our Goal

Share information, lessons, and other resources to educators, students, and the Canadian public about the role our Canadian soldiers played in the Battle of Hong Kong in World War II, and their subsequent experiences as Prisoners of War.

Commitment to Remember

They were young, as we are young,
They served, giving freely of themselves.
To them, we pledge, amid the winds of time,
To carry their torch and never forget.
We will remember them.

Response: We will remember them


Teacher Contributions provide a variety of teaching materials first created by enthusiastic educators across Canada for their own classrooms. If you have material that you are willing to share, please use the link on this page.

Ten Lessons

Ten Lessons has a set of lessons that were commissioned by the HKVCA to teach the many different elements of the Hong Kong story. Canada in Hong Kong: 1941-1945 The Forgotten Heroes is designed for use in history and social studies programs in high schools.

English-only Resources and French-only Resources

Other Resources provide resources and links that are not available in both official languages. Books and documentaries are extremely helpful, but they may not be available in both languages. Unilingual resources will remain on these pages. Resources that we control will be translated over time, and when available they will be moved to other pages on this site.


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