Memories Uninvited - Remembrance

In Remembrance of Those With Whom I Served

Barrieault, Harold, deceased

Barter, Robert

Best, William, kia

Boudreau, Sylvestre, died in camp

Campbell, Charles, deceased

Clapperton, Albert,died in camp

Cochrane, Charles, deceased

Cormier, Frank, kia

Coull, Blair, deceased

Coull, Jack, deceased

Cyr, Adolph

Cyr, Auguste, deceased

Cyr, Clement, died in camp

Cyr Euclid, kia

Cyr, Leon, deceased

Cyr, Roger, deceased

Cyr, Theophile, deceased

Cyr, Wilmer, deceased

Dee, Nicholas, deceased

Doddridge, Philip

Fallow, William, kia

Gallagher, Frank, deceased

Grant, Richard

Harrison, Edwin, kia

Harrison, Otis, deceased

Hardy, Ralston, deceased

Lawlis, Philip

LeBrecque, Edgar, deceased  

LeBlanc, Jean-Paul

LeBlanc, Leopold, deceased

LeBlanc, Louis, deceased     

MacWhirter, Elden

Martin, Henry, deceased

Meredith, Clifford, deceased

Meredith, Earl, deceased

Meredith, Eddie, kia

McColm, Frank, deceased

McColm, Murray, deceased

McWhirter, John, kia

Moore, Claude, kia

Murphy, Leo, deceased

Murphy, Reynald, kia    

Robertson, Francis, deceased    

Robertson, Louis, deceased

Robertson, Oscar, kia     

Ross, Arnold

Ross, Lance

St. Onge, John, deceased

Steele, Randolf, deceased

Willett, Byron, deceased

Willett, Isaac, deceased

Willet, Percy, deceased

Woodman, Bert

Friends Gone, But Not Forgotten

Fallow, William L/Cpl. E/29136 kia, Dec. 25/41

Charles Campbell

Rattie, Alec E/30140 Died of Wounds, Dec. 27/41. Age 20.