Memories Uninvited - Photo Gallery 2

The things we did to keep up our morale.

The time dragged interminably in Shamshuipo. Several of the more artistic types, led by some of our officers created a troop of entertainers and put on a concert for the rest of us.

In the picture we see most of the group. I am guessing, but I believe the man with the cello is Major Parker. Squatting beside him could be Lieut. Reg Simons. Standing, left to right, could be Lieut Ian Breakey, Lieut. Angus MacMillan, Lieut Blaver, and the rest I am not sure of.


The three pictures above feature Sonny Castro, a Portuguese chap who had been with the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. His features were so effeminate that he was in demand for every role that called for the presence of a girl. Who the men are, I don't know, but the one in the right picture could be Angus MacMillan.

All the props had to be constructed out of whatever material could be found. Stewart Henderson and Ampi built the cello for Major Parker out of scraps of metal and whatever else they could find.

The pictures must have been taken by the Japanese. None of us would have been permitted the use of a camera.

A Post Card To Mary

This is a post card I wrote to my cousin, Mary, while enroute to Hong Kong. Note how really newsy it was, limited by the necessities of secrecy. Loose lips sink ships, and all that. The message on the front of the card has more news in it than the back.