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Latest Update as of July 28

Convention agenda available (PDF)

Latest Update as of July 14

Just a note to say “Thank You” for your registrations for the 2011 Convention.

As many are worried if we received your mail or not due to the situation we lived through and are still living with, we thought we would confirm to each of you that we have your registrations, room reservations and that the latter have been booked for you.

The message also applies to anyone of your friends and family members also attending the convention with you.

If you know of someone that did return their registration and did not receive this message, either by e-mail or by telephone, please pass on this message to them. It might be helpful if they gave me a call or e-mail message stating their intentions and I will make hotel reservations immediately and then confirm the receipt of their registrations with them as I do receive.

Hope this can be of some help for you and looking forward to meeting you all in Granby.

Lucette Mailloux Muir
Director Quebec Region

Latest Update as of June 16

Greeting to All,

August 11-14 will soon be here.  Things are well on the way with final strings to attach and last minute meetings with all involved.  Dates of gathering for assembly of our Registration kits, gifts, Commemorative Ceremony finals etc are already on the calendar and all volunteers will be there on their respective dates.

We did make a few minor changes to the agenda for ex.: registrations will be held in the Ball Room on Thursday and late arrivals will be in suite # 121 on Friday am.  We did add a treasurers’ meeting on Friday and the BOD meeting will be confirmed during the June 16 meeting.  A revised final agenda will be sent to the BOD after the meeting is held and a revised copy will also be given to all guests upon registration.

Many are worried about the Postal situation.  If you plan on attending the Convention and have not made your reservations, if you think you would feel safer about your room being reserved, do send e-mail or call and will make your room reservations per the info you give us and if possible your credit card to guarantee your reservations and we will take care of things ahead of time for you.  You then can send all registration, reservation and local travel info, if required, by mail and will take care of the rest when it arrives here.  If you want an acknowledgement of receipt, do indicate on a form and will do.

As mentioned earlier, the local transportation will be confirmed with each person or group of persons in early August as more registrations are on the way.

A few hotel rooms have had in their descriptions due to the last leg of renovations at the hotel for 2010/2011.  (These changes were not in the plans when the contract was discussed and printing of invitations was made).  Sorry for the inconveniences that this may cause.  It is minor as the changes mostly cover changes in furniture and of course the NON-SMOKING environment.

Hoping this is clear with all and if you have any questions, we are here to give you answers.

Looking forward to seeing you all in August.  Take care and safe trip.




August 11 to 14


Granby, PQ



Castel Hotel/Spa

A block of rooms has been reserved with choices of rooms. Special rooms, handicap rooms and suites of different sizes are also available. On site you have full breakfasts cafeteria style, a Pub for lunches and drinks, a fine dining room, outdoor pool and also massage/spa with reservations.

The hotel is well situated 8 km from the Autoroute #10 exit 68, half way between Montreal and Sherbrooke, within walking distance of the shopping center, many restaurants from quick lunches to fine dining, theatre, gym and entertainment. See map below for location.

***Note*** - please do not contact the hotel directly as you will not receive the HKVCA group rate. Reservations will be handled by the convention committee based on responses to the registration kits which will be mailed out in March to members in good standing


View Granby, QC in a larger map

Other Details

All the preliminary confirmations have been taken care of. Convention Invitation Kits will be mailed to all members in March 2011. All Registration Forms, Room Reservation Forms etc will be returned to the organizing committee.

Local Activities

If you are planning on staying a few extra days we also have our famous Granby Zoo and Water Park for a full day or more of fun.

Contact Us

The organizing committee will be pleased to answer any questions you might have:

Tel. 450-375-7439 or by e-mail: lucette.mailloux.m@videotron.ca

Hope to meet you in Granby, August 11-14, 2011.

Lucette Mailloux Muir
Quebec Regional Director