Board of Directors - Meeting Summaries and Minutes - 2021


Mike called the meeting to order at 8 h 41 pm.

Approval of the Minutes of November 25, 2020, it was proposed by Carol to accept the minutes as published and seconded by Bernie. Carried.

Business arising from the Minutes

  • A letter of appreciation was sent to Viveka Melki.

Financial Statement

Barry presented the Financial Statements for November and December 2020. Barry explained the nice donation received from IBM in recognition of Mike's work. The December statement reflects our Annual Financial Report. Having no questions Barry moved to accept the statements as presented. Seconded by Bernie. Carried.

Web, Online Services, Newsletter, Membership Reports (Jim)

  • Web, Online Services, Newsletter, Membership Reports (Jim) - Web - Jim - There are many folks following 'C' Force topics on social media, only some of which are members. An appeal to members might help encourage our membership and possibly find someone to promote Facebook or medias.
  •  Online Services - Jim explains the limitations and his concerns that in some cases the notification of paid individuals is not being automatically generated to the Region and Treasurer. The system needs to be upgraded and Jim advised that the services of a professional programmer with expertise are needed. Suggestions were made and will be considered. Jim will put a notice out to our members in our Spring newsletter to discover if someone is interested within our group of members.
  • Newsletter - Jim reviewed the numbers in his report. Will soon be sending the notice soliciting articles for our Spring newsletter.
  • Membership as of December 2020. We have 442 Regular, 5 Veterans and 81 Widows for a total of 528 members.

New Business

"The Fence" Documentary (Mike) - After comments from our Veterans and observations from the BOD that it approaches the POW experience from quite a different direction than we are used to, it is not wholly centred on Canadians but a broader view of POWs, their backgrounds and their experiences. Could be a good thing and something which enhances the film's value in an educational context. Will look into this further.

2021 "Convention" Proposed Program - Mike presented a draft Virtual Event Plan for 2021 with proposed monthly topics and tentative Schedule. Many suggestions were put forward. Mike will talk with Dan re using Facebook to promote the events.

Region Reports

  • BC - Gerry - Gerry sent a copy of the Book of Remembrance to N.B. All is quiet on the coast.
  • Prairie - Carol reports that little is happening at this time. Happy Birthday greetings to be sent to George Peterson on his 100th birthday. Congratulations The education event to be held in May will not be happening this year and no news on other events. The Battle of HK parade with the WP Grenadiers Cadets and flag ceremony at the Legion did not happen but the Charleswood Legion flew the HK flag in December. We lost a widow Ladena Mabley and member Gloria Sokalski in January.
  • Ontario - Mike - a comprehensive set of the HK panels are still on display at the Niagara Military Museum and we can use them if needed. On December 7 they also had a flag raising ceremony of the HKVCA flag, on December 25 they lowered it. George MacDonell has donated his medals to the Royal Canadian Military Institute, to be displayed in their Medals Room along with the medals of BGD John Lawson and LT Kay Christie's. 
  • Quebec - Lucette reports the loss of a widow Elizabeth Pollock. Little is happening at this time.
  • Atlantic - Bernie heard from a student doing a "Student Project" on HK who was surprised to learn that very few people know about it. Will be checking on our veterans.
  • Barry is preparing the Annual Report for the CRA.

Date of next Meeting (Mike) Feb 24, 2021

Adjournment - Meeting concluded at 10h 14 pm.

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