Board of Directors - Meeting Summaries and Minutes - 2020

January (Draft)

  1. Mike called the meeting to order at 8h32 pm EST.
  2. Approval of Minutes from the Nov 27, 2019 meeting. It was proposed by Mark to accept the minutes as published and seconded by Mitzi. Carried.
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes
    • Postage Stamp Project. No real progress due to computer issues. Barry asked that this be removed from the agenda until he is ready to continue.
  4. Approval of Financial Statement - Barry presented the Financial Statements for November and December 2019 and moved to accept each statement as presented. November seconded by Mark, December seconded by Mark. Carried. Barry is recommending that a dormant HKVA account in Ottawa be closed and funds transferred after approval by Phil Doddridge. Approved by the BOD.
  5. Web, Online Services, Newsletter, Membership Reports. Gerry suggested that addressees be advised that this will be the last copy mailed in paper format unless they make an effort to indicate their interest. We will do a special mailing of a postage-paid reply card to each recipient of the hard copy newsletter in February, including rationale and instructions. The hard copy mailing list for the March newsletter will be based on returned cards.  Jim will work with Gerry on this task. Moved by Mike, seconded by Gerry. Passed.
  6. Convention Status:
    • After discussion on the BOD meeting, it will be moved to Friday at 8 AM.
    • Agreed that both the services at the Memorial Wall and the National War Memorial should take place.
    • Meet and Greet: to be combined with the Hospitality Suite.
    • Should include activities for children. Will be added to mailout packages.
    • Spring newsletter to be used as a platform to inform members about the convention.
    • Speakers: Mark Sakamoto to speak on Sat. night unless VAC provides speaker.
    • Budget to be sent to VAC to request funds asap.
  7. Book of Remembrance Status. Progressing. Waiting for art work and comments from the HKVCA President. Must also be translated. Mike offered to write the foreword for the book.
  8. New business:
    • Election Committee. Kathie Carlson will be the elections chair. Norma Fuchs, Cynthia Melanson and Jim Trick to be members of the committee. Acceptance moved by Mike, seconded by Mitzi. Carried.
  9. Region Reports:
    • Quiet in BC. Investigating what the Chinese community might be planning for 2020.
    • Pr Region: Quiet now and planning for 2020 Annual Dinner.
    • QC Region: attended various memorial services. Phil is doing well.
    • Atl Region: photos forwarded to BOD. Looking to involve Lt Gov of Nova Scotia in 2020 ceremonies.
    • ON Region: All quiet.
  10. Date: Next Meeting - Feb 26 2020
  11. Adjournment. Moved by Bernie to adjourn.

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