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Good Morning Everyone:

            My name is Barry Mitchell. I am the Treasurer of the National HKVCA and as well am the Treasurer of the Manitoba HKVCA and HKVA.

            I have distributed copies of the audited financial statements for the Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association for the year ending December 31, 2006 and I would like to offer a few comments on those statements. Hope you can stay awake.

            The Commemorative Association operates with 2 bank accounts, a General Account and a Book Account.

            Each month I prepare a statement for the national executive which shows the status of each account—where the money came from and where the money went—plus a consolidated summary of those accounts to complete a monthly snapshot of our financial position.

            The audited statement I have handed out is prepared each year by the Winnipeg accounting firm of Heisinger and Montgomery, and they do so for a very small fee which I doubt covers their expenses. I work for a non profit organization which has even fewer cheques written each year than the HKVCA and we are charged thousands of dollars to have our annual audit prepared. I truly appreciate the service provided by Jim Montgomery as I value the opportunity of having our books examined from the outside.

            I am just going to mention a few items in the audited statement for your clarification.

            First, on the balance sheet:


Mr. Secretary, I present to you the December 31, 2006 audited statement for the HKVCA, to be entered into the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting.

Barry C. Mitchell

National Treasurer