Oct-Nov-Dec '10 Page 5


HKVCA on the WWW

Some of you may be surprised to find out how many web sites we have under the HKVCA banner that service our 2500 - 3700 unique visitors each month. Of course there is our main site: www.hkvca.ca, but our other sites contribute in their own way to the value we provide to the public and our members on the web. For instance:
  • 'C' Force site administered by Vince Lopata at cforce.hkvca.ca provides the historical statistics on the composition of 'C' Force and documents the disposition of its members
  • Our galleries site is the photo arm of our web presence, capturing events over the years either in photos or by scans. This site receives a lot of visitors
  • Teachers' Zone: administered by Earl Gyselman - our education arm that is full of helpful tools for educators, and for anyone wishing for some assistance in telling the Hong Kong story
  • Our Board of Directors (BOD) site which contains all aspects of the ongoing administration of HKVCA. We are paperless and have been for several years
  • Our Newsletter site: updated four times a year to provide an online version of our quarterly National newsletter "WASURERU-NAI", enabling us to economize by sending out less paper copies
  • Hong Kong 2010 Trip: administered by Mike Babin - a special web focused on this just-completed event
  • Discussion Forum: yes, this too is a web site, it just looks a little different. The forum is designed to allow all those interested in the Hong Kong story to interact and connect. It also provides a service to our BOD, allowing private discussions on various topics to take place between meetings

Our webs form an online reference library, underpinning all of our initiatives in support of our mission. Come and visit!