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James Barnett Force 'C' Correspondence

by Gray Scrimgeour

In this article, I describe the surviving correspondence written by Honourary Captain James Barnett, the Church of England Chaplain to the Royal Rifles of Canada battalion.

They Came Home Via the Phillipines - Parts 1 to 4

by Gene Labiuk

On the day after the second atomic bomb was dropped at Nagasaki, ]apan on August 9,1945, Japan agreed to the Potsdam Conference terms of unconditional surrender. On August 15, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito broadcast to the ]apanese people the news of Japan's surrender, with the end of hostilities and formal surrender ceremonies to take place on September 2 in Tokyo Bay aboard the American battleship USS Missouri. Many Canadians were prisoners of war (POWs) in fapanese camps when the war ended. There is no full report of how they were rescued and returned to Canada. Nor is there a comprehensive description of the mail services to and from these liberated prisoners of war (LPOWs). This article chronologically tells the story of liberation of the Canadian POWs in Asia and the role of Manila Philippine Islands in this process.

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