History of the Plaque Project

Around 2011- Bud Mann, son of James Burnett Mann, RRC, was approached by the Ontario HKVCA executive of the time, to develop 3 banners to be used as marketing tools for the Ontario HKVCA region at teacher conferences, HK Ontario reunions, HK National Conventions- anywhere our membership were gathering or where we could 'spread the word and our Mission.

In 2016, the family of Lawrence Ross, RRC, asked the Ontario Region what could be put into the Parkwood Veterans Hospital in London, Ontario to honor those Canadians who had fought the Battle of Hong Kong. The hospital has many tributes to many battles in WW2. Out of the family's request, one of the original banners has been incorporated into the HKVCA Commemorative Plaque. Since the first plaque dedicated in Parkwood Veterans Hospital, the Ontario Region has had 11 installed or in the planning stages.

In the spring of 2018, the HKVCA National Executive decided to make the HKVCA Commemorative Plaque a national project. Up to this time, 31 further plaques have been purchased by our executive. HKVCA Commemorative Plaque dedications are happening across Canada, in many different venues as you can see by the list on our Plaques main page.


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