Newsletter Guidelines

Some Background

Our quarterly newsletter, along with our web sites and Facebook presence, is a critical tool in our efforts to keep our members informed, and its quality reflects on our association. If you're a contributor (or want to be) you can help out by following the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Articles

Guidelines for Photos


These are hard and fast dates and are posted on our Events Calendar. They are the first Sunday in March, June, September and December. Please ensure submissions are in by those dates. If a submission is ready ahead of time, feel free to submit it right away, to ease the editor's workload. If an event is happening just after the deadline, it may be possible to include it in the online edition. Contact the editor for assistance.

Standard Articles

(This is an initial effort, and will be expanded in future.) It assumes that the membership will approve the BOD recommendation that elections will only be held every two years as part of the AGM.

In each edition:

Spring Edition (March):

Summer Edition (June):

Autumn Edition (September)

Winter Edition (December)

Longer-Term Goals

We have to continue to migrate from paper to digital format. The time, effort, and cost that is required to produce and mail a paper version of the newsletter is certainly not in line with the era in which we live. There are some older members of the association who prefer a paper version, and we must keep their needs in mind, but the reality is that the majority of people do not need, or want, a paper version. Currently, mailing costs per individual per year eat up almost all the yearly dues paid.

Comments and Suggestions

As Red Green used to say "We're all in this together", so please forward comments and suggestions.