This online copy was updated on Sept 12 to include the plaque ceremony at Pilot Mound which took place on June 9.


It’s time to kick start the Homecoming project! We are looking to hear from the membership, yes that is you out there. Everyone has heard a family story of how their loved one returned home.

Next year will be the 75th anniversary of that happy occasion and sharing that memory is indeed something to celebrate. Coinciding with the national HKVCA convention in Ottawa it is a milestone opportunity to gather and remember.

I am forever grateful to the HK veterans who took the time to document their experiences in articles and books. The much-anticipated reunions with family members and the first time they see their friends again never fail to warm my heart.

There is still and always will be a wealth of storytelling that can be shared amongst our membership and we know that this is an invaluable way of keeping our organization connected to the history of our soldiers.

What we do know is not all reunions were that happy and sadly too many of our soldiers were left behind.

However, there is one way we can at least symbolically bring the memories of those young men home with us. We are currently working on a “Book of Remembrance”, with all the names of those who served in ‘C’ Force.

This precious book will be taken across Canada hopefully by train travel to replicate the return journey of our soldiers and will then be on display at the convention. A guest signature book will also be available for relatives, friends and politicians who recognize names and want to leave a written sentiment. More details about this aspect of the 75th anniversary Homecoming in the next newsletter.

Press clipping from Victoria showing arrival

Photo above: Press clipping from Victoria showing arrival. This page from Oct 4, 1945, and others, is also available through the Times Colonist archives. One of many homecoming images found in the HKVCA Photo Gallery.

Your willingness to get involved by sending a story, attending a function, viewing the book will be an indicator of how successful our celebrations will be.

Let’s get on board.

President's Message

The deaths of four hundred and twenty Canadians are commemorated at Sai Wan War Cemetery and Stanley Military Cemetery in Hong Kong, a city which is currently in a state of turmoil. We can only hope that a peaceful and just solution is found soon, and that the great city for which these soldiers gave their lives to defend returns to normal.

Convention 2020

I am very excited about the convention we’re planning for August 2020 in Ottawa, which will be a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the return of ‘C’ Force survivors to Canada. As you can read elsewhere in the newsletter, the theme of “Homecoming” is sparking some great ideas on how to celebrate the lead-up to the convention. We’re especially interested in hearing about your families’ homecoming stories. If you have memories of a returning Hong Kong Veteran you’d like to share, please write it up and send it to Think of how you might commemorate the homecoming in your own community, and let us know about the event so we can share it with all of our members across Canada.

It’s not too early to plan your visit to Ottawa next summer! Mark your calendars for August 13-16, 2020. More details about the convention, including hotels and activities, will be in the next newsletter.

Memorabilia Room Planned

Please consider bringing artifacts to share in the display with a focus on the Convention’s “Homecoming” theme. Details in the next newsletter. Ken Skelton will be assisting in coordinating the display with the Convention Committee.

Hong Kong Commemorative Trip

In spite of the current unrest in Hong Kong which I mentioned above, I have received a few inquiries about the possibility of a group commemorative trip to Hong Kong in 2020. If you would be interested in such a trip, please send an email to In the past, these trips have been about 7 to 10 days in length, and some have included an optional visit to the Yokohama War Cemetery in Japan.

Comments and Feedback

We’re interested in whether we are communicating well with our members. If you have any feedback on the contents of our newsletters or our web site, please email me at What could we do better or differently? Your comments on this, or any other issues, are always welcome.

We will remember them.

HKVA Report

This time I will write about a friend of mine who has a deep interest in all things concerning the efforts of Canadian soldiers in the worldwide battles of the past century.

Tom Eden, a native of Gaspe, Quebec, first became interested in the story of his great-uncle who served in the Canadian Army in World War 1, and who was killed in France and is buried there. He has made several trips to France and has photographed the graves and studied the history of the battles.

Photo of Tom Eden

He became interested in World War 2 and especially the Battle of Hong Kong. He has gone to Hong Kong and has studied the history of we Canadians who fought there and were imprisoned for nearly four years. We have spent some time together when he has listened to my stories and has written a book, yet to be published, to which he has given the title, “Mr Phil and Me”.

He has presented the story of Hong Kong on a number of occasions at Canadian Legion Branches around the district at which he attracts large audiences. All this he does at his own expense, including a series of folding plaques depicting the story of the Royal Rifles from recruitment, to training, to garrison duty in Newfoundland, to the journey to HK, to the battle, to internment, and to return home. Thank you, Tom!

That will be all for this time. Be good to each other and may God Bless.


Phil's Memoirs

In Remembrance

In Memoriam

Mary LeBlanc, widow of E30364 Jean LeBlanc RRC, on June 5, 2019

Yvonne Hogle, sister of John Payne, WG, on August 7, 2019

From the Editor

Due to an error in our last newsletter, the names of surviving Hong Kong veterans were incorrect. Names are: George Peterson, Bob Barter, Eugene Lapointe, Hormidas Fredette, George MacDonell, Ralph MacLean, and Phil Doddridge.

Online News

Spam! I long for the days when it was only a luncheon meat! Today's spam is much less helpful and for some reason our HKVCA email addresses seem to attract a lot of unwanted correspondence. To deal with this we've implemented a "Contact Us" form (see image above) which is linked from most of our web pages. Once we've received the contents of the form, we can contact the person concerned directly. This method provides a copy of the form contents to the originator, and is more immune to spam.


The Sgt Gander Project (Update)

Hello everyone, I just want to give you an update as to how things are developing for film production.

Over the summer I have been in contact with many Industry Professionals who are assisting me with my project. Though I am not in production at this time, I have been able to look forward to being not only at the Convention next year but also of being able to show a Trailer of the film there. I am looking forward to travelling on the Remembrance Book Train.

Since the last newsletter, I have been in contact with many of the family members of some of the Veterans and in a couple of weeks my wife and I, after completing an Alaskan Cruise, are heading to Penticton to visit with Mona Thornton.

An added treat for the trip is that a reporter of the Penticton Herald is going to interview me about Gander, the Battle of Hong Kong and about the film.

I plan on visiting the War Museum in Penticton. I want you to know that I have been working extremely hard to accomplish my goal of getting this film made so that the remaining veterans can see the finished product.

I know this is short, but I wanted to update you all as to my progress and if you send me an email, I would like to send you the pitch that I have prepared to be presented to the Industry Professionals.

I can be contacted at: Looking forward to meeting you all next year!

BC Region Report

Here on the west coast, the summer season started badly with the passing of our only resident Hong Kong veteran Horace Gerry Gerrard, RCCS.  There was a well-attended celebration of life held for Gerry at one of his two favourite Legions. Some of his long-time cohorts from the Pacific Signals Association were present to pay their respects to his family.

As a result of this connection, two HKVCA plaques will be installed later this fall. One at the Ashton Armoury Museum in Victoria and the other at the Vancouver Island Military Museum in downtown Nanaimo, BC.

Two more wonderful opportunities to educate the public about the Defence of Hong Kong and the role that “C Force” soldiers like Gerry played during the hostilities.

Thank you once again, Mr. Gerrard, your lifelong legacy of continuing to tell the Hong Kong story lives on and we the members are always appreciative.

We Will Remember Them

As I write this there are many troubling reports from the turmoil happening in present-day Hong Kong. The west coast of Canada especially Vancouver has a large population of Chinese Canadians who still have strong bonds and family ties to the former British colony. The large protests and the ensuing heavy-handed response by the Government are fuelling the unrest and uncertainty and it remains to be seen how it will all play out.

We trust and hope that somehow a peaceful resolution will be negotiated that could work for all interests.

Wishing you all great fall colours and inspired storytelling.

Gerry Tuppert
BC Regional Director

PS: Excellent article about the battle and Gerry Gerrard in the Red Deer Advocate

Prairie Prose

Hello from the Prairie Region. I hope you are all enjoying fine weather and the time outdoors to rejuvenate for the fall work.

Pilot Mound Plaque

We were invited to dedicate the HK plaque at the annual Memorial Service at the Memorial Park in Pilot Mound, MB. at 11 a.m. on June 9, 2019.

The parade from the RCL Legion Branch #62 to the Memorial Park was led by Brad Wallace, Sgt at Arms and the Colours; the Royal Winnipeg Rifles band; RCMP officer; current and ex-service men and women; and legion and ladies auxiliary. Our Colour Party was part of this procession.

There were about 100 people attending this event. We were welcomed by Pilot Mound Councillor Audrey Wilson with scripture reading by Judy MacKinnon. Mona Blackburn led us in prayer with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles band accompanying the singing of hymns.

Children of the area hanging crosses

Children of the area hanging crosses

The HKVCA were introduced and thanked by Gord Arbuckle. The Protocol was presented to dedicate the Plaque and the FEPOW prayer was read by Myrna Agerbak, daughter-in-Law of Knud Agerbak.

The Honour Roll was read listing the following men from this area: Matusalem Olason, Edward Toews, Richard Currie, William Mayne, Harley Winram, Borge Agerbak, Knud Agerbak, Tage Agerbak, Edwin Currie, Keith Stewart, John Hay, William Fordyce, Guy Stewart, Raymond Meades, Thomas Lovell, Stanley Edgar, William People, David Nichol and George Montroy.

We invited Larry Maguire, MP for Brandon-Souris to unveil the plaque. Chairs were removed by Greg Agerbak, son of Knud Agerbak and Carol Agerbak Hadley, daughter of Borge Agerbak. Mr. Maguire was asked to speak after the Protocol when he explained his family knew Richard McPherson (Mac) Hall, WG, HK vet very well and as he was a bachelor it was a close relationship.

With the Colour Party guard circling the cenotaph, Doug Wilson, Branch President, read the names of the fallen in the conflicts of 1914 – 18; 1939 – 45; Peace time and Afghanistan and with the aid of the children of the area hanging crosses on a structure (see photo).

Flowers from families of the fallen and Wreaths were laid; Last Post; Reveille and God Save the Queen concluded the service. A march was made back to the Branch for the refreshments supplied by the Ladies Auxiliary and fellowship. We were happy to see HKVCA member, Dennis Stewart from Selkirk, who spoke about his father returning home and their first meeting.

Thank you to Bill Blackburn for coordinating this event and including the HKVCA as part of it.

HKVCA plaque with Prairie Regional Director Carol Hadley, Larry Maguire MP, Councillor Audrey Wilson and Mona Blackburn

HKVCA plaque with Prairie Regional Director Carol Hadley, Larry Maguire MP, Councillor Audrey Wilson and Mona Blackburn

John Osborn VC ANAF

Wednesday, July 10, 2019, at John Osborn VC ANAF in Winnipeg, there were about 30 people present as we dedicated a plaque. This event was coordinated with the assistance of Roxanna Fenning, HKVCA member and Judee Brown, Executive member of the branch.

 John Osborn VC ANAF Colour Party with the HKVCA Colour Party and Robert Falcon- Ouellette, MP (bugler) began the ceremony. Dr. Doug Eyolfson, MP Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley - Standing Committee for Veteran Affairs and Robert Falcon-Ouellette MP for City Centre unveiled the plaque and addressed the audience. There were too many men who enlisted in Winnipeg to read out the names for the Roll Call.

L-R -MP Dr. Doug Eyolfson and MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette

L-R -MP Dr. Doug Eyolfson and MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette

Roxanna Fenning, granddaughter of Edwin Swanson and Joyce Sewell, daughter of Edwin Swanson WG HK vet removed the chairs and Barry Mitchell read the FEPOW prayer. We were very pleased to learn that Robert Falcon- Ouellette was in the services and was a bugler, so he played O Canada, Last Post and Reveille and for the marching off, of the Colours. Well done.

A brief history of the episode involving CSM John Osborn was given after the Protocol was completed. Brochures were placed on tables for the audience to learn more about the many “firsts” that involved ‘C’ Force.

We were pleased to see ANAVet member, Roger Burden, son of Samuel Burden, WG, HK vet who had a presentation of his father’s medals and other memorabilia.

 Roger Burden, with Robert Falcon-Oulette, Dr Doug Eyolfson

Roger Burden, with Robert Falcon-Oulette, Dr Doug Eyolfson

We had many members present - Prairie executive – Carol Hadley, Prairie Regional Director; Barry Mitchell, Treasurer/Membership; Marleen Bell, and Marilyn Gelanais, Secretary; the HKV Colour Party (Stan Lopata, Alex Taylor). As well as Allan Hadley, Joyce Sewell, and Roxanna Fenning. Thank you, everyone, for attending and for the lovely refreshments following the event.

Plaque Unveiling - Red Deer Legion Branch 35

We had a very nice plaque unveiling in Red Deer at the Legion Branch #35, at 3:00 pm on August 9th, with approximately 50 people in attendance.

Pat Baxter, widow of HK veteran David Baxter, WG, and daughter Marjorie Zuber and son Rick Levens

Pat Baxter, widow of HK veteran David Baxter, WG, and daughter Marjorie Zuber and son Rick Levens

The Legion President, Bev Hanes, was a very generous host, who decorated the hall, and even developed pamphlets specific to the “Battle of Hong Kong”.

We were honored with the attendance of the – NWT Command, Royal Canadian Legion President John Mahon who expressed his gratitude for the plaque presentation.

Doug Maclean, son of HK veteran Ralph Maclean, RRC,  Barb Rillings and  Doug’s daughter Faira Taylor

Doug Maclean, son of HK veteran Ralph Maclean, RRC, Barb Rillings and Doug’s daughter Faira Taylor

 Families looking at the HK veterans flag with the unveiled plaque

Families looking at the HK veterans flag with the unveiled plaque

We were also honored by the attendance of Pat Baxter, widow of Hong Kong Veteran David Baxter, Winnipeg Grenadier, and her daughter, Marjorie Zuber and family, and Pat’s son Rick Leven from Ontario, with his family. Doug Maclean, son of Hong Kong Veteran Ralph Maclean, Royal Rifles, of Calgary, and his family were also able to attend. Doug spoke very eloquently about his dad Ralph, which moved everyone present.

Legion members were well represented along with local RCMP.

Veterans Check-in

We are blessed to still have a couple of HK vets - Ralph MacLean and George Peterson and our wonderful 26 widows. We appreciate everything that our vets and widows have done.

Marleen Bell and I visited George Peterson at Deer Lodge Centre to show him a copy of the plaque that we are dedicating in various facilities to remind them of the Canadians that served in Hong Kong and what they did for our country. He was pleased to see the plaque and that we are doing this but with his limited vision could not read the words on the plaque. These were read to him and he acknowledged his pleasure.

 George Peterson and Marleen Bell

George Peterson and Marleen Bell

I recently talked to Ralph who is his usual upbeat self and appreciates all our calls. Thank you to those members who keep in touch with our widows and veterans. It’s a few moments out of our busy lives but means everything to them to be remembered.

We were able to arrange to have the HK Vet flag flying at the Cenotaph on Memorial Boulevard near our Legislative Building for the month of August.

HK Vet Flag

HK Vet flag flying at the Cenotaph

In Other News...

We are continuing to research requests for plaques from different Legions, ANA vets and other areas in Winnipeg and Manitoba. So far, we have September 14 in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba and September 19 at St. James Legion, Winnipeg. As soon as we have the other dates confirmed we will inform our members so that they may attend and if possible, participate in the dedication. We are grateful for the help from our members who have searched out the venues and initiated the arrangements for these plaques. We have submitted summaries of these events with pictures that are located on our website. A big THANK YOU to our Colour Party and Region executive and members who have supported these events and often participated in the ceremony.

We are working with Paul Dartnell from Legion 215 to help with a Remembrance Display in that Branch. Marleen Bell and I went with Paul to Manitoba Museum to select items for the display and will also be checking with the Military Museum on Marion, and St. Vital Museum for items for the display.

Thank you to the Colour Party (Alex Taylor, Stan and Vince Lopata) for participating in the Belgian Legion parade and attending the Korean Veterans candlelight service at Brookside Cemetery.

We were saddened to lose Yvonne Hogle on August 7, 2019, a dedicated HKVCA member, and sister of John Payne WG who was killed trying to escape from prison camp. Our sympathy has been extended to the family.

Plans have begun for the Annual Dinner to be held at Neil Bardal Centre, 3030 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg on October 20, 2019 at 2 p.m. We are hoping to have a guest speaker and representation from other veteran groups. Invitations will be sent out near the end of September for people to RSVP. As you have noticed we have not held a VJ Day event as the number of people able to attend has declined for various reasons. However, if you are in downtown Winnipeg in August please go to the Cenotaph on Memorial Blvd near the Legislature and take a few minutes to reflect on the Canadians who served in Hong Kong for our rights and freedom.

Ontario Offerings

Attention Toronto-area Members

You are cordially invited to a luncheon for HKVCA members on Saturday, November 9 2019 at noon at the Royal Canadian Military Institute.

The RCMI has an excellent set of displays of military memorabilia. One of great interest to our members is a display on nursing sister Kay Christie, who served in Hong Kong with C Force. Following lunch, one of the RCMI’s historians will give a talk on Lt Christie and will give a tour of the RCMI.

The cost per person, including buffet lunch, tea/coffee, tax and gratuity is $50, payable by cash or cheque at the door. Beer, wine and other drinks will be available and can be paid for with a credit card.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP by October 31 by email to, or by calling 416 239-9192 and leaving a message with your name and phone number. In either case, please indicate the number of attendees. Please note that Business Casual dress is required at the RCMI. Men need not wear a jacket, but worn, torn or soiled jeans, sweatshirts/suits, athletic shoes, hats, shorts, casual beach sandals nor apparel with bold slogans or commercial messages are permitted.

The RCMI is located at 426 University Ave, Toronto. There is parking nearby, but we recommend that you take the subway to avoid traffic. The RCMI is just a few steps from the St Patrick subway station. Parking information is available.

Invitation to Niagara-area Members

Oh boy, am I ever getting excited. I visited the Niagara Military Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario this past week. You should see the exhibit 'C’ Force - The Hong Kong Story that they are developing for the grand opening of that exhibit at the end of September 2019. Just phenomenal.

If you can't make it to the Niagara Falls Military Museum between September 28, 2019 until April 2020, you will have a chance to see parts of it next summer of 2020. I will be borrowing some of their display for the HKVCA Convention being held in Ottawa in August 2020.

The Niagara Military Museum requests the pleasure of your attendance for the grand opening of ‘C’ Force - The Hong Kong Story, a new exhibit at: The Armoury
5049 Victoria Avenue,
Niagara Falls On
Saturday, September 28 2019 at 1:00 p.m. An HKVCA commemorative plaque will also be unveiled at the event. Reception to follow.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP by September 21 by email to or by phone to (905) 358-1949.

Smiths Falls Plaque Dedication

My name is Stan Lasenba, son of Hong Kong Vet Earl Lasenba of Bury, Quebec. I have been a member of the HKVCA for a number of years, and although not overly active I try to attend the ceremonies at the Memorial Wall every year.

L to R: Emily Starks (granddaughter), Stan Lasenba, Brenda Starks (daughter), Jean Lasenba (wife), Sara Starks (granddaughter)

L to R: Emily Starks (granddaughter), Stan Lasenba, Brenda Starks (daughter), Jean Lasenba (wife), Sara Starks (granddaughter)

 Thanks to the HKVCA for the donation of the plaque to Smiths Falls Legion Br 95. The ceremony was attended by Gail Angel and Mitzi Ross on behalf of the HKVCA. Special guests were George Wood, Deputy G District Commander, and Bob Atkinson, Zone Commander G6, who had 2 uncles serving in Hong Kong. Family members of Howard Ward, another vet from Bury, QC, were surprise participants, as was Mavis Martin from Merrickville, who I had met at a general meeting in Ottawa. In all with friends and members of Br 95 there were about 40 who attended.

Bury, a small town in Eastern Quebec, had 32 with the Royal Rifles that went to Hong Kong and last summer dedicated a plaque to the memory of these veterans. My cousins Larry Everett, son of George Everett, and Larry’s wife Debby Batley-Everett, daughter of Eric Batley, unveiled the plaque in Bury.

Our local paper in Smiths Falls ran an article to publicize our event and then covered the event with pictures in the paper. I was very pleased with the publicity we received and the many comments from local media and from many vets at our Legion.

Memorial Wall Ceremony

In Ottawa, on Saturday, August 17th we marked the “74th Anniversary of the End of the War in the Far East” (VJ Day) which was declared on August 15th, 1945. The memorial service was held downtown at the ‘C’ Force Memorial Wall. In previous years the event was held on the Saturday closest to Dec. 8th to commemorate the “Beginning of the Battle for Hong Kong”. However, due to challenging winter weather and fear of injury, we decided at our last Annual General Meeting to hold the service in August from now on to commemorate VJ Day.

We were honoured to again have Veteran George MacDonell from Toronto join us at the wall and lay a wreath on behalf of all Hong Kong Veterans. Ted Terry (son of Veteran Edward L. Terry) did a masterful job as our emcee, a role he has performed since we started doing these memorial services approximately a decade ago. Derrill Henderson (son of veteran Stewart Henderson) shared the Prayer and the Benediction, as he has also done since the first service. His sentiments were as always timely and insightful.

We had in attendance, and laying wreaths, some invited guests such as MP Mona Fortier, on behalf of the Government of Canada, Robert Loken on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada, Dwayne McCarthy on behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion, Randy Stowell and John Stuart on behalf of NATO Veterans Organization of Canada and Cooper Bradley on behalf of War Amps Operation Legacy.

In a particularly poignant moment, George MacDonell shared a few sentiments in his, as always, tasteful and articulate manner.

 Following the service, everyone was invited to the Grill 41 Restaurant, located inside the Lord Elgin Hotel, for a delicious meal and, best of all, for the extraordinary camaraderie that the HKVCA family always exhibits when gathered together.

George MacDonell

George MacDonell (97) giving words of wisdom at the Hong Kong Memorial ceremony in Ottawa on August 17, 2019. (Photo submitted by Ian Englehart)

As in previous years, I would like to thank all the family members of our veterans and everyone else who attended the service. I am confident that those who have passed before would be moved by our efforts to keep the memory alive. Lest we forget!

In closing, I wish you all a very pleasant Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. I look forward to seeing everyone at the 2020 Convention next summer which will be held here in Ottawa from Friday, August 14th to Sunday, August 16th. More information will be forthcoming in the next 3 newsletters as well as information/registration packages which will be sent out in the spring of 2020.

If anyone wants some advance or specific information please feel free to email me at or call me at 613-225-5105. Looking forward to seeing you all next summer.

South-Central Area Report

Hello all and greetings from Niagara. As we move toward fall, the days and nights are getting much more comfortable here.

On June 8 our annual luncheon was held at the Burlington Legion, Branch 60. Sixteen people attended and those that did had a wonderful, moving experience due to our guest speaker, Nancy Hamer- Strahl. Nancy is an award-winning History teacher from Port Perry who has taken a particular interest in our veterans and their story of The Battle of Hong Kong. She has passed this interest during class onto her many students through the years and was one of several teachers, including her husband, Mike, who accompanied 200 students to Hong Kong in 2005.

Nancy Hamer Strahl, Pam Newhouse, Mike Strahl

Nancy Hamer Strahl, Pam Newhouse, Mike Strahl

Nancy showed us a powerpoint presentation which consisted of many photos and anecdotes from that trip. She also included her extensive collection of memorabilia from her students. One item, in particular, fascinated me. It was a large binder that included a short article, poem or artwork dedicated to each Hong Kong Veteran. Throughout Canada, students were assigned one of our veterans, by name, to research and write about. My father, Ken Pifher (RR), had a poem written for him. Nancy, assisted by her husband Mike, were wonderful presenters and their enthusiasm for their topic was obvious. I hope to host them again. Teachers like Nancy and Mike play a huge part in keeping our veterans' stories alive by informing the younger generation.

6 daughters

E30357 Augustin Cyr , RRC - 3 daughters Jackie LeDrew, Linda Guglick, Sandra Strom
E29339 Lawrence Ross, RRC - 3 daughters Patricia McCallum, Debbie Legge, Lana Chartrand

Just a quick note regarding next year's luncheon. I'm going to host it in late May, instead of June, at the Burlington Legion, Branch 60, hoping to boost attendance. Details will be released in the spring.

Quebec Region Report

Greetings everyone,

Greetings all! Trust you are all still enjoying a lovely end of summer. Summer is generally a quieter period for most of us.

On June 23, Quebec Region presented two Commemorative Plaques on the east coast in St.Jules-Cascapedia (New Richmond) at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch.

L to R: Br. V-P Donna Fallow, Phil Doddridge, Lucette Mailloux Muir. Nancy Doddridge

L to R: Br. V-P Donna Fallow, Phil Doddridge, Lucette Mailloux Muir. Nancy Doddridge

Branch Vice-President, Donna Fallow introduced our special guest, Philip Doddridge, Lucette Mailloux Muir of the HKVCA, RCL Commander Ross Smith, Bay des Chaleurs Military Museum President Gordon Dell, Mayor of Cascapedia-St. Jules Guy Boudreau. She then welcomed family members, friends as well as Branch and Museum members. A great turn out.

L to R: Bay Chaleurs Military Museum President, Gordon Dell, Phil Doddridge, Lucette Mailloux Muir, Nancy Doddridge

L to R: Bay Chaleurs Military Museum President, Gordon Dell, Phil Doddridge, Lucette Mailloux Muir, Nancy Doddridge

Following words from the dignitaries, writer/author Tom Eden gave a talk on the Battle of Hong Kong. Lucette and Nancy Doddridge proceeded with the presentation and unveiling of the Commemorative Plaque for the Branch and then the Museum Plaque.

The ceremony closed with a thank you to all. Great comments of appreciation were received followed by a lovely light lunch and great conversation. 

More presentations are planned for the coming months.

That will be all at this time. Take care and enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving and autumn.

Quebec Region Director

Atlantic Region Report

No report submitted.

Announcements / Notices

Can You Help?

  Looking for stories, information, and memories about my great uncle, Winnipeg Grenadier and Hong Kong Veteran, Earl Dickie. Writing a book. Contact Liz at

Colin Standish is looking for documents from HKVA such as meeting minutes, especially those that mention his Grandfather, Colin Standish. If you can help out, please send scanned copies to the editor and they will be forwarded.

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