Our Online Presence

Today our online resources include:

  • Website: Composed of our main site and a variety of sub-webs dealing with specific subjects. Discussed below.
  • Facebook Page: @hkvcacanada Our official Facebook page.
  • Facebook Group: Hong Kong Veterans Tribute. Very active public group discussing and documenting all aspects of 'C' Force.
  • YouTube Channel: HKVCA Docs - Repository of videos dealing with the Battle of Hong Kong, 'C' Force, and POW years.

In the Beginning...

The World Wide Web has been in existence since the early '90s and it opened up the potential for a vast expanding library, available to the citizens of the world. Our start in joining this medium took place in the early 2000s, thanks to the initiative of Linda May, granddaughter of Marcien Lafortune, Winnipeg Grenadiers.

Peering Into the Past

Thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine we can track, over the years, the expansion and evolution of our HKVCA websites. Some screen captures are displayed below, and can be expanded with a mouse click.

Web Image Gallery

Click on an image for larger view.

HKVCA Web 2001

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2001

In these early days content was limited, but the fact that our site was created encouraged others to contribute, and share their stories.

HKVCA Web 2003

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2003

As more information flowed in, our pages increased and a new home page layout was created and published.

HKVCA Web 2004

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2004

The evolving web standards made it necessary to redo our page layout so our site performed the same as most other sites on the web. In these days, the left navigation bar was the way to go.

HKVCA Web 2007

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2007

If you compare this layout to the one of 2004, you'll note that the oval graphic was removed. Web image resolution was becoming more demanding and the graphic was not up to the task. Also, we updated the logo to reflect the badge of the HKVCA. Page expansion was significant!

HKVCA Web 2009

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2009

A minor update including a graphical link to our 'C' Force sub-web, along with a "Last Post" block and Memorial Wall graphic. Many more pages and information blocks made web organization a challenge.

HKVCA Web 2015

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2015

Minor layout change.

HKVCA Web 2017

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2017

More changes to our layout due to the maturing of web standards. The left navigation block was abandoned in favour of a "sticky" top bar with dropdown menus. Standardization of browsers and consistent application of page styles made web page editing a lot less painful than in earlier days. This is the look we have today when viewed on a laptop or office computer.

HKVCA Web 2022

HKVCA Web Home Page - 2022

Mobile! Complete with hamburger menu. A significant percentage of our visitors view our pages on mobile devices, so a few years ago we converted our pages to a responsive layout, meaning they display well no matter how you're viewing them.

Why the Web?

A quick glance at our mission indicates education as our focus, and our websites have become a key tool in meeting that objective. Let's face it, the Battle of Hong Kong does not figure prominently in our National history, so we can't depend on outside agencies to provide the information; we have to collect it ourselves.

To get an idea of all of the resources we've made available just browse through the menus at the top of this page.


As time goes on, there will be fewer of us who are direct descendents of the members of 'C' Force exhibiting a keen interest in this subject. It follows that additions to our documentation will wane, as well.

It becomes even more important that our websites continue to be maintained, even if the material is static. We have collected a wealth of information through the generous sharing of many, and it should remain available to future scholars, researchers, and descendents of 'C' Force members.

Our online presence will be the 'C' Force legacy.