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2020 AGM

This page last updated: July 7 - Meeting has now concluded

July 7, 2020 2:00pm (Eastern)

How to Join the Meeting

All members are encouraged to attend via toll-free audio conferencing, using steps that will be sent via email on July 2 to those who have provided their address and indicated that they may be contacted in this manner. This method is being used for security purposes.

All phones will be muted during the presentations, and unmuted for voting and questions.

Copies of all relevant material will be available linked from this page at least 7 days before the meeting. If you require a hard copy, please print the copy you require from this page.

Please direct inquiries to


  1. Welcome and call to order.
  2. Motion to amend By-law No. 1 to enable holding of meetings by electronic means.
    • It is moved that the corporation’s By-law No. 1, paragraph 42 be replaced with the following:

      42. Time and Place of Meetings.  Subject to compliance with Section 160 of the Act, the annual meeting of the members and any other Special Meeting under paragraph 44, may be held fully or partly by means of a telephonic, an electronic or other communication facility that permits all participants to communicate adequately.

  3. Motion to accept minutes of last AGM.
    1. It is moved that the reading of the minutes of the corporation’s last Annual General meeting, held December 8, 2018, be waived, as they have been provided in advance to attendees.

    2. It is moved that the minutes of the corporation’s last Annual General meeting, held December 28, 2018 be approved as submitted.

  4. Motion to amend By-law No. 1 to discontinue the need to appoint an auditor.

  5. Presentation of Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statement.

  6. Election of Directors
  7. Presentation of Reports.
  8. Adjournment

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