By-Law #2

Please note:

(text below is a transcription of By-Law No. 2, a signed copy of which is held by HKVCA Secretary)

By-Law No. 2

A by-law to amend the provisions of the Letters Patent and to authorize application for the issuance of Supplementary Letters Patent to confirm the same.

Be it enacted and it is hereby enacted as By-law No 2 of HONG KONG VETERANS COMMEMORATIVE ASSOCIATION (herein called "the corporation") that:

  1. That subject to confirmation by Supplementary Letters Patent, Part of the Letters Patent concerning Objective 6, is deleted.
  2. That the corporation be and is hereby authorized to make application to the Minister of Industry for the issue of Supplementary Letters Patent confirming this by-law insofar as it relates to amending the provisions of the Letters Patent
  3. That the directors and officers are hereby authorized and directed to do, sign and execute all things, deeds and documents necessary of desirable for the due carrying out of the foregoing.

Enacted this 22 day of April 2002.

Witness the seal of the corporation

(Original signed by Carol Hadley, President, Leisa Connelly, Secretary)

Certified a true copy of By-Law No. 2 of Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association enacted by the directors the 28 February, 2002 and sanctioned by a vote of not less than 2/3 of the members present at a special general meeting of the corporation held 22 April, 2002

(Original signed by Secretary HKVCA)