Oct-Nov-Dec 2009 Page 5


In Memoriam


Up to date listings for the past 90 days are displayed on our main page, and then are available through our Last Post Archives.

Joseph A. Tennier, RRC, E30752, died on October 8, 2005

Raymond Quirion, RRC, E 30486 died September 23, 2009

Bryce Huntley Craig, RRC, E29820 died November 2, 2009



Claire Roussy, widow of Joseph A Tennier, RRC, died on March 9, 2007.

Eileen Moody, from Alberta and the sister-inlaw to ED Shayler died October 9, 2009

Gladys McCarron, widow of T. McCarron, RR and 1st Vice Helen Wedge’s mom, passing October 23, 2009

Helen Thompson, widow of Frank Drier, WG (d) and sister to Ken Vidal, WG (d) died October 17, 2009


 Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all the families and friends as we share in your grief.

 We will remember them.


"Lost Trails"

 Since we've started our "Last Post" listings on the HKVCA web site we've been trying to make our records as complete as possible. Many of you have contacted us, providing important information on the passing of a loved one.

How can you find out easily if a veteran you're related to is already listed? Just enter their name into the search box that you'll find at the top-right of any page on our web site, and then check the list of results.

There are still hundreds of our vets who have died since the war for which we have no information. If you can help us update our records we would appreciate it. 

Who knows - while improving the quality of our records you may also be providing someone with important information.


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