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The purpose of this page is to act as a repository for historical Last Post information. When a veteran's name is removed from our home page after 90 days, the information will then be available here. This page is a work in progress - we are missing information on 100s of our veterans and need your help to fill in the gaps.

Do you have information that should be displayed here? Contact Jim Trick.

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Disclaimer: while the information contained in the "Last Post" is believed to be accurate, HKVCA posts it as a service only and is not liable for any errors or omissions.


Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
William C. Krohn WG H6872 June 16 Obituary  
Ken Pifher RRC   April 25 Obituary  
Daniel Thompson (Dyck) WG H77641 April 12    
Eric Maloney RRC   11 March    
Robert J. (Flash) Clayton RRC   6 Feb Obituary  




Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
Allison Ronald MacDonald RRC E29974 28 Dec    
Reginald Kerr WG   Dec 7    
William (Bill) Muir WG   24 Aug Obituary  
Alfred Babin RRC   12 July Obituary  
Cornelius Nickel WG   Feb 1 Obituary  
Joseph Aubin (John) Duguay RRC E30393 30 Jan    



Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
Tom Dewar WG H6265 28 Dec Obituary  
Wallace Normand RCCS D -3389 7 Sep    
Bernard M. Thompson RRC   30 May Obituary  
John Edmund (Ed) Dearden WG   25 Apr Obituary  
Llewellyn (Bill) Thomas Sidney Doull RRC E-29873 10 Apr Obituary  
William Bell WG   12 Mar Obituary  
Lloyd W. O'Leary RRC   12 Jan Obituary  



Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
John Joseph Lowe RRC   21 Dec Obituary  
J. Graham Boudreau RRC   7 Dec Obituary  
Thomas Paul Laflamme RRC   5 Nov Obituary  
David A. Golden WG   20 July Obituary  
James Angus Murray WG   4 June Obituary  
John McGee WG   7 Apr Obituary  
George Coutts WG   19 Mar Obituary  
Richard (Dick) Johnson WG   26 Jan Obituary  



Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
William "Bill" Mayne WG   29 Dec Obituary  
Kenneth Alexander Ewing RRC   23 Dec Obituary  
Pierre L. Delarosbil RRC   21 Dec    
Howard James Bembridge WG   11 Dec Obituary  
Larry Stebbe WG   27 Oct Obituary  
Edward Shayler WG   9 Oct Obituary  
Jean-Paul "John" LeBlanc RRC   31 July Obituary  
Alfred Harold Baker RRC   7 July Obituary  
Alvin Zaharychuk WG   24 May Obituary  
Patrick Poirier RRC   22 May    
Aubrey Flegg WG   23 April Obituary  
Harry Gyselman WG   23 April    
Marcel Ouellet RRC   30 March Obituary  
Claude Melvin Corbett WG   27 March Obituary  
Bliss Thomas Cole RRC   19 Mar Obituary  
Gilbert R. Jacquard RRC   24 Feb Obituary  
Raoul Tremblay RRC E30664 14 Feb    



Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
Leo Paul Berard WG   9 Dec Details  
George W. Harbour WG   3 Oct Obituary  
Richard (Dick) Maze WG   25 Sept Obituary  
James R. Riddoch WG   6 Sept Obituary  
Jack Smith WG L2721 17 Jun Obituary  
Henry Lyons RRC   19 Jan Obituary  
Ronald Hugh Claricoates RRC   17 Jan Obituary  



Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
Arnold Carrier RRC   20 Dec Obituary  
Arthur Joseph Ambrose WG   9 Dec Obituary  
Bryce Huntley Craig RRC   2 Nov Obituary  
Raymond Quirion RRC   23 Sept Tribute  
Andrew Poquet WG   14 August Obituary  
Gordon Durrant WG   23 July Obituary  
Dick Wilson WG   28 June Obituary and Tribute  
Robert Foster Lytle WG   23 June Obituary  
Samuel Disensi RRC   7 June Obituary  
Harold Smith RRC   5 June Obituary  
Arthur Lousier WG   02 June Obituary  
James C. MacMillan RRC   31 May Obituary  
Thomas Barton Bde HQ   12 May Tribute  
Walter Gray RRC   22 Apr    
Austin Batley RRC E30153 4 Mar Obituary  
George Hallada WG   18 Jan Obituary  
George Taylor WG   5 Jan Obituary  

(names from within the last 90 days may be found on our home page)


Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
Wallace “Red” Harrington  WG   31 Dec Obituary  
John Marsuschak WG   29 Dec Obituary  
Fred Mason RRC   22 Dec Obituary  
Don Nelson WG   Nov 28 Obituary  
William Allister RC Sigs   Nov 2 Obituary  
John Grey Fair RRC   Sept 11 Obituary  
Ross Charles Purse WG   Aug 31 Obituary  
Johannes Joseph Van Baalan WG   Aug 20 Obituary  
Clifford McDavid RRC   Aug 3 Obituary  
James Mitchell RC Sigs   July 16 Obituary  
Anthony Frank Grimston RC Sigs   June 20 Obituary  
Joe Michalkow WG   June 19 Obituary  
Ferdinand W. Poitras WG   May 28 Obituary  
Robert C Stager R.C.A.P.C.   May 18    
Soren Paulson WG   May 14 Obituary  
John Stroud RRC   Apr 9 Obituary  
Arnold Ross RRC   Mar 27 Obituary  
Bernard Jesse WG   Mar 23 Obituary  
Hector Hunt RRC E29965 Feb 20    
Robert "Bob" Olscamp RRC E30119 Feb 11 Obituary  
Frank Brown WG   Jan 18    
Carl Adams RRC E30677 Jan 4    


Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
Gerald Doucette RRC F42586 Dec 26    
Fred Wright WG H17495 Dec 18 Obituary  
Robert Arnold Parker WG H6690 Oct 10    
Lloyd W Hanna WG H41719 Sept 21    
Tom Forsyth WG H6737 Sept 1    
Peter Alain RRC G18311 Aug 16    
Alfred Matthews WG H6389 July 10    
Donald Geraghty RRC B45551 July 7    
James E Badger RRC E29923 May 29    
Charles Cardinal WG H6793 May 25    
Dr. Stanley M. Banfil, Capt. Bde   May 21    
John Levitt RRC E30069 May 20    
Richard Keays RRC E30657 Feb 17    
Douglas J. Reid RRC E30483 Feb 15    
Dr Kenneth Cambon RRC E29967 Feb 25    
Jean Pierre Lalime RRC E29901 Jan 13    


Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks

Reginald "Reggie" Law

RRC E30006 Dec 31    

Clarence Stewart

WG H6345 Nov 1    

Oswald Clark

RRC E29340 Oct 19 Obituary  
Clifford Matthews WG H6282 Oct 7 Obituary  

Thomas Jones

RRC C41279 Sept 03    

John Hamilton Smith

RRC E30121 Aug 24    
Peter Anthony (Tony) Gelley WG   Aug 3    
Robert W.H. Acton RC Sigs K35409 Aug 2    
Joseph N. LeBlanc RRC F40741 Jul 12 Obituary  
Alfred Wagner WG H77520 Jul 11    
Robert Jim Fleming RRC B38364 Jun 7    
Fred Ryman WG H6790 May 29    
Lionel C. Speller RC Sigs K83926 Apr 30 Obituary  
Harold Heath RRC E29840 Apr 13    
James Guthrie RRC E29911 Apr 10    
Bert Worthington Assoc.   Apr 10    
Maurice Lapointe WG H6677 Mar 30    
Lancelot Ross RRC E1144 Mar 29    
Leandre Leblanc RRC E30617 Mar 20    
Jack Rose RC Sigs D34771 Mar 19 Obituary  
Robert J. McNaughton RRC E30284 Mar 17    
Geoffrey Marston RRC C66584 Mar 08    
August A.J. Bitzer WG L22725 Jan 24    



Name Regiment Regt Number Date of Death Other Info Remarks
Abraham Peters WG H40957 Dec 31    
Michael Haddad WG H6544 Dec 23    
Arnold Hunt RRC E29864 Nov 05    
George Merritt WG H17648 Oct 21    
Joseph A. Tennier RRC E30752 Oct 8    
Walter Inglis WG H6923 Sep 23    
Ken Hogarth WG H6471 Jul 18    
John "Jesse" James WG H6912 Jun 2    
Albert James Russell RRC E22957 May 19    
John Donald Beaton Sgm K35438 May 07    
Ludovic Bujold RRC E30519 Apr 22    
Donald H.J. McPherson WG H6465 Apr 12    
Melbourne John Jefferson Carter RRC B74256 Feb 18    
Edward Query WG H20872 Jan 25    
John D. Pollock WG H70277 Jan 20    
Garfield W. Lowe WG H6942 Jan 16    
Lloyd C. Doull RRC E29875 Jan 10 Obituary  


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