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Pen and Ink Sketch of Gander
Gander with Rfm F. Kelly. Need a much better copy of this image. If you have one, please contact the HKVCA Gallery
From Pauline Crease: My father Cliff Royea had this picture and often fondly talked about Gander to us as we were growing up-rarely anything else about the war. I don't know who gave it to him but I have included a scan of what was written on the back of the photo.
Writing on back of photo of Gander. (Received from Pauline Crease, daughter of Cliff Royea)
gander 2
Gander with members of the RRC

From Phil Doddridge: The man directly behind Gander in the photo is Ernie Levesque , E30228, who was Gander's handler for a time. Ernie died many years ago.

(Other soldiers have not been identified)

Rights to this image are owned by the National Archives of Canada. They will provide a high quality digital copy for a cost. The catalogue number for the pic is PA-116791. Link:

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