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Election of the Executive Committee

In accordance with the corporation’s By-Laws, all positions of the Executive Committee come up for election every two years, the timing of the Election to coincide with the Biannual Convention.

This is the process to be followed:

1) A call for nominations - This document is the official call for nominations for the five Executive Committee positions on the Board of Directors.

The positions are President; 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The term is for two years. Individuals are allowed to run for a second consecutive term only, but even then, they must be nominated for that second term and be elected.

Where the incumbent for the position of Vice President, Helen Wedge and Murray Doull, may choose to run for a second term in their respective positions, the incumbents in the other three positions must step down from their current positions. They may be nominated to positions other than the one in which they just served.

The person making the nomination must be a member in good standing as well as the person being nominated. Any person nominated must first have been approached and have agreed to serve. Nominations must be in writing (Letter and E-Mail formats are acceptable.)

Nominations must be received by March 1, 2011 with a short biography from the nominee. (Please note bottom section of this notice).

2) Ballots will be enclosed in the June corporate newsletter (WASERU-NAI). Only the ballots of Members in good standing are valid and thus only these will be counted. A short biography of each candidate will be enclosed with the ballot as well as a return addressed envelope.

3) Ballots must be returned by August 1, 2011 or brought to the Convention for processing at the general Meeting.

The results of the election will be published in the Fall newsletter (WASURERU-NAI) and will be posted on our web site (www.hkvca.ca)

(Cut off and return to: Mrs. Carol Hadley,
By mail: H.V.V.C.A., Box 381, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2P4
By E-mail: carol.hadley@gmail.com
Submit nominations for one or more positions, but only one nomination per position

I wish to nominate ___________________________________ for the Position of President.

I wish to nominate ___________________________________ for the Position of 1st Vice-President

I wish to nominate ___________________________________ for the Position of 2nd Vice-President

I wish to nominate ___________________________________ for the Position of Treasurer

I wish to nominate ___________________________________ for the Position of Secretary

Signed: _________________________________ Date: _____________