Oct-Nov-Dec 2009 Page 3


President Report - Derrill Henderson

The period from September through Christmas is always a busy one in Ottawa, as I am certain it is throughout the country. This year it was more than usual as many families requested photographs of the names of their loved one on the Memorial Wall. It was a pleasure and an honour to provide these.

The preparations for Veterans Week make October somewhat hectic, but it means, for me at least, another chance to meet the true heroes of our nation. It moves the heart to see the veterans of World War II stepping out proudly side by side with our latest vets from Afghanistan. But it also saddens the heart to see young mothers wearing the Memorial (Silver) Cross.

Due to Dempsey Syvret not having his “sea legs” following his operation, I alone laid the wreath at our National Cenotaph. The banner on the wreath bearing the title “Hong Kong Veterans” automatically gave me a presence among the other veteran’s groups that I did not deserve. They knew I was but the vehicle, mine but an invisible face, for it was those that wore the unique HK on their shoulder flash for which the passage was made.

On another note, the video of the Dedication ceremony will be released a little later than expected. Our target was December 1st, but the production is bilingual (as was the ceremony) and a couple of the translations were late arriving. I saw the final production the day I wrote this report (Dec. 2nd) and only one small correction to be made then it will go into production. The veterans and widows will receive complimentary copies from the first run. For other interested people, our web page will have the instructions for ordering copies.

As I’m certain Carol Hadley will report on the wall construction phase (landscaping), I need not dwell on this, other to say that the site remains our priority.

Lori Smith from the Ontario Region has accepted the challenge of getting our special monument disc on every grave of a HK veteran outside of Hong Kong and Japan. I strongly encourage you to assist. Please locate the burial places of every HK veteran that you can and pass this information on to Lori.

      Other than that, may the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your families this blessed season. Happy New Year too!



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