ALBERTA/SASK BRANCH                         MAY 2005


Firstly, we would like to thank all of you who have renewed your memberships with the AB/SK Region of the HKVCA for 2005 – the Year of the Veteran. This newsletter arrives a little later than we hoped, however the combined meltdown of both Norma and my computer, contributed to an unfortunate delay in getting everything out to the members earlier in the spring.

As you probably have noticed in the news, there will be many events unfolding across our country throughout the year, to honour and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the end of hostilities in WWII.

This is a bittersweet year of commemoration for families of Hong Kong Veterans.  Many soldiers of C Force did not return, and for those who came back the battle for recognition of their sacrifices, torment and suffering at the hands of the Japanese had just begun.

The HKVCA will be holding its National Convention in Ottawa (Aug 12 – 14th), in conjunction with events scheduled by the Canadian Government to honour and recognize all Hong Kong Veterans.

We have included some detail of these events in our newsletter, and encourage you and your family to become involved in the Year of the Veteran festivities. The entire Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa has been booked for us, and it is hoped as many Veterans and their families as possible will attend.

One event of particular interest is a meet and greet, and special tour hosted by the staff of the newly opened Canadian War Museum. Convention nametags will allow all HKVA and HKVCA members, free admission to the Museum throughout the convention period.

To highlight just a few of many organized activities, there will be a very special Memorial Service on the Sunday morning at the National War Memorial, and also 2 special dinners planned at the National Arts Museum.

Information packages will shortly be sent to all HKV’s, outlining all the planned events and inviting them to participate if at all possible. Reasonable costs for the HKV, as well as those for a caregiver will be covered by DVA.  Full details as well as contact names will be outlined in the packages, or please contact one of the Board and we will find out what we can for you.

Sadly, across Canada there have been several HKV’s pass away in recent months – we are quickly losing our connection to the tragedy that ended 60 years ago.

There is some urgency when we encourage you and your family to attend some form of event during 2005, that reflects the courageous contributions our Veterans have made to Canada.




Regional Director
Gail Richoz

Deputy Director
Mary McAuley

Deputy Director
David Coleman

Daniel Sakamoto

Norma Fuchs

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