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Manitoba HKVA President’s Report

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Manitoba HKVA President’s Report

- George Peterson

February 18th I attended a Joint Veterans Council (JVC) meeting regarding a letter from Ron Labbe, Director of Veterans Affairs Canada announcing a number of events planned for the Year of the Veteran.

February 21st JVC meeting planning VE day celebrations to be held Sunday, May 8th at the Legislative grounds in Winnipeg.

February 26th a Ceremony at the Delta Winnipeg Hotel where the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada presented her commendation to 3 recipients – John Gillis, Len Johansson and Albert McKaig (posthumously). The awards were issued to honour these comrades for their dedicated service to veterans. A nice lunch was served after.

February 27 a meeting of ‘C’ Force memorial committee was held at Neil Bardal’s funeral home. We had invited Carol and Barry to attend the meeting but Carol had a prior commitment. Barry agreed to become treasurer of the project and we welcomed him. Still no word has been received on meeting with the City officials with Neil following up on this.

March 2nd a planning meeting for Year of the Veteran with Ron Labbe.

March 14th JVC parade committee met for VE day celebration planning.

March 16th Juliet and I met with Len Johnson of the Camerons’ Association to plan a combined memorial service for Dieppe and VJ Day in August.

March 19th the regular meeting of the HKVCA

March 29th JVC parade committee meeting to review plans.

April 3rd monument committee meeting reviewed plans with the new director of Brookside Cemetery.

April 10th attended Vimy Ridge Memorial Services to lay a wreath, escorted by Juliet. The Colour Party and several WG cadets were also there.

April 11th attended a ceremony at the Legislative Buildings to sign "Book of Thanks" to all veterans for past services. The book will be placed in the Peace Gardens. Met the Premier and Mayor and spoke on the memorial project at Brookside. Then attended another JVC meeting.

April 14th attended the memorial service for John Pollock at Brookside Cemetery conducted by Padre Gordon Shields. Neil Bardal was in charge of the arrangements. Stan & Vince displayed the Colours. In attendance were Fred Poitras, with an attendant; Dick Wilson, Juliet, Barry, Carol, Pat Maltman and Ledena Mabley. A member of Neil’s staff played the tape for Reveille & the Last Post. We all then attended the monthly luncheon at St. James Legion.

April 16th attended the regular monthly meeting of the HKVCA.

April 24th at this monument meeting I reported the refusal of VAC to contribute to the project.

May 2nd attended JVC meeting to finalize VE day celebrations. At the end of the meeting I was pleasantly surprised by the President of the Korea Veterans Association of Manitoba, Mr Bob Nisbett, presenting a cheque for $150.00 in US funds from their Chapter No One in North Dakota.

May 8th VE day celebrations at the Legislative grounds where I was honoured to be one of 2 guest speakers. There was a very good turn out.

May 12th attended the regular HKVA monthly lunch.

May 14th attended opening ceremonies of Anavets Convention where Steven Fletcher’s comments were misconstrued. See my reply in the Winnipeg Free Press, June 6th, 2005 Letters to the Editor.

May 18th attended the annual WG Cadet parade where I presented our trophy plus $30.00 gratuity for Most Efficient Cadet.

May 19th attended JVC meeting to plan VJ Day celebrations in Winnipeg. The date will be August 7th as the National Convention will be in Ottawa and most of the members will be there.

May 24th meeting of ‘C’ Force Memorial Committee to review arrangements with the Brookside Director for a meeting with City Officials.

May 26th gave a talk on the Battle of Hong Kong to the Valley Gardens Jr. High school grade 8 class.

May 29th I was unable to attend the memorial service of Br.#215 Royal Canadian Legion but our Colour Party were in attendance and Juliet laid a wreath on our behalf.

June 1st Juliet and I went to Selkirk, MB where I spoke to a grade 12 class on ‘C’ Force involvement in Hong Kong and our life in captivity.

June 6th attended the dedication ceremony of Veterans Memorial Highway formerly known at Provincial Highway #8.

June 9th monthly lunch - Larry Stebbe called to say he would be in town and attending.

I will be looking forward to meeting and talking to everyone who can make it to Ottawa in August. Until then, keep well – may the wind always be at your back and you have a safe and level road to travel. Any problems call me. In comradeship and all sincerity, George.

! ! !

George’s letter to the Winnipeg Free Press

Dear Sir:

In reply to the letter from Mr. Mark & Daniel Sakamoto, published in your paper on May 26th, re the remarks made by Mr. Steven Fletcher on May 14th at the Bicentennial meeting of the Manitoba Northwestern Ontario Command ANAVETS held in Winnipeg. This meeting was strictly private that only registered members of the ANAVETS and their invited guests were privy to. How did Mr. Fletcher’s remarks become public?

I attended that meeting and can assure your readers that I was the only person in that room who fully understood Mr. Fletcher’s meaning. He was speaking in regards to his grandfather’s capture by the Japanese with the fall of Singapore in 1942 and he treatment he received while in their control. I am a Canadian Army Veteran of the fiasco in the battle of Hong Kong and the ensuing 4 years of my existence as a slave at the mercy of the Imperial Japanese Empire.

I fully agree that the Canadians of Japanese ancestry were very badly treated by our government during WWII. They lost their freedom through internment, their rights as Canadian citizens, their possessions taken away, etc. This was wrong, but were they ill fed, beaten, abused and humiliated at the whim of their guards? Sick and neglected with no medical attention and supplies and forced to do slave labour even while ill? I don’t think so. As slaves of the rising sun, we were. We existed on less that 900 calories a day and suffered all the above-mentioned atrocities. For the last year of our imprisonment we also existed with the threat of being exterminated immediately, if and when the Allies invaded the home islands of Japan. If it were not for the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many of us would not have survived to return home.

I have one question, when will the public accept the fact that the Japanese Empire at the time were a cruel and harsh master of all people over whom they held power. I hold no animosity toward the Japanese as a nation or of any Japanese Canadian, but I do resent the fact that the Japanese government has not admitted to the atrocities perpetuated by their armed forces in WWII before their surrender, nor have they apologized or paid compensation for their acts.

Our government have both apologized and paid compensation to our Canadian Japanese people for their ill treatment, as they should have. They also paid our claim against the Japanese Empire, this was wrong. We would have rather had their support to back our claim against Japan. We did not want this claim to be paid by Canada, but we accepted it.

I congratulate both the Sakamoto brothers on be coming members of the Hong Kong Veterans' Commemorative Association and look forward to making their acquaintance at our convention in Ottawa in August this year.

Thank you, in all sincerity, George Peterson.

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James A.B. Fidler, WG, H-6205, died in 2002

Donald MacPherson, WG, H-6465, died Apr. 11, 2005

Ludovic  "Vic" Bujold, RRC, E30519, died April 22, 2005

John Beaton, RCCS, K-35438 died May 7, 2005.

Albert James Russell, RRC, E22957 died May 19th, 2005

John E. James, WG, H-6912, died June 02, 2005


Mildred Chemerika, the widow of Michael Osadchuk died March 24, 2005.

Marion Evelyn Varcoe, widow of Sidney Edward Varcoe, died February 25, 2005

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all the families and friends as we share in your grief.

We will remember them.

! ! !

Manitoba HKVCA Regional Director

Juliet Lafortune

Hello to one and all,

I am changing my format for the newsletter, as I want this to be like a letter I would send to my family and friends, which you all are. The April showers we are receiving have lasted too long. I was told we are going to get a hot summer but I think that is only if we move the province to the equator.

I hope you have been keeping busy, and well. George has been keeping me hopping. I've been staying out of trouble if you can believe that. The Tea and Tidbits we had in May was a GREAT success with 23 women attending. They all seemed to have a good time. I 'm looking at booking another date in September so watch out for the invitation.

I received a phone call from Shelia Lowe daughter of Garfield Lowe H6942  (deceased Jan.15 2005) there will be a Memorial service July 3, at 5 P.M. in Mafeking MB.  

I attended Legion # 215 Memorial Service at Birds Hill and placed a wreath, as George was unable to attend. Let me see what else I can tell you that is of interest to you - I had been ask to sing at Deer Lodge the last Monday of the month by Cheryl Paille and Friends. Cheryl is a Manitoba grown professional singer and recording artist, the great niece of my father Marcien Lafortune H6503 (deceased Oct 1982). What an honour this is for me as some of Veterans that I know are there and they enjoy the music. Fred Poitras is one for sure, pop by on June 27 @ 7PM.

Please keep Aug 7th open as we are going to have our Memorial and VJ celebration service on that day more information will follow. Hope to see you Aug.11-15 in Ottawa for the National Convention.

The "C" Force Memorial Committee is still working hard and getting things off the ground as I’m sure Vince is telling you in his report. Bev Rowden (my daughter) is still calling to find out how you are doing - if she hasn't reached you yet, she will be soon.

In the mean time take Care - God Bless - call me any time, I'll always have time for you, your friend Juliet.

Manitoba HKVCA Treasurer & Membership

- Barry Mitchell

Greetings to all our members, online viewers and friends. I guess we in Manitoba have had Spring, so that means we are now into summer and that’s GOOD. I know it’s been wet, but nonetheless it’s summer, so let’s enjoy it to its fullest!

These have been most interesting times for the HKVCA as the organization as a whole is really busy, what with the convention just around the corner, a trip to Hong Kong in the offing, television interviewers appearing on the scene and lots more. All this activity means that lots of decisions must be made on a wide range of subjects and don’t we all know, you can’t please everybody. This has resulted in some most interesting dialogue with e-mails flying across the country as we try to get things done in as harmonious a manner as possible.

As much as I enjoy collecting your dues and once a month trying to figure out how I spent your money so I can produce a financial statement, I do admit to finding pleasure in participating in some of the inevitable squabbles that arise in the course of events. Almost everything can be resolved quickly and without malice and it can be a lot of fun trying to reach a consensus. We have very capable people in our association who are the "do-ers" and it is a pleasure to work with them to achieve common goals.

But I must not forget my major responsibility of encouraging you to keep up with your membership and send us $15.00 each year. It’s not much of an expense but you’d be surprised at how slow some folks are at reaching into their pockets. As of the end of May, the Manitoba Region was only at about 60% of dues paid for 2005 and I don’t think you would be very proud of that record. We have sent out a reminder to those still owing, so I’m confident many more will come forward very shortly. If you aren’t already one of the "good guys", please send us your cheque, made out to HKVCA, to P.O. Box 381, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2H6. Thank you.

Of course we always like to hear from our veterans, so it was a pleasure to receive a note from Alvin Zaharychuk of Stenen, Saskatchewan. Alvin was kind enough to send us a donation and he tells us he is "not in a bad state, but in a pretty good state". That sounds to me like a good report card on his health.

Terrific letter from John Morgan of Argyle, Manitoba who forwards his dues, a generous donation and some good words. John tells us that his mom Olive Morgan (widow of Red Morgan) is doing very well and living at Oakview Place in Winnipeg. We have her address and phone number if anyone wants to get in touch with her.

As everyone knows, there are no mandatory dues for veterans or widows in the Commemorative Association but it is always nice when we find that some of them want to support our efforts with a financial contribution. I realize that this is handled differently in each Region, but here in Manitoba we still maintain separate membership cards etc. for the veterans and widows, including a bank account and monthly statement. Included in this group is Betty Hardy of Winnipeg who has once again sent us her dues along with a donation and a picture of a baby seal. Thanks, Betty—I like furry animals and I’ve seen a lot of that seal. I hope he makes it off the ice flow.

From way out there on the island, we have a note from Bert & Lloyd Hanna of Nanaimo, BC. The Hannas tell us they will be moving to Surrey, BC in September to be close to their daughters and we have their new address. This is by far the best way to let us know of a move, rather than us finding out by returned mail. Thank you Bert and Lloyd!

Finally, we have a letter from another stalwart veteran, George Coutts, of Melita, MB. George is still shows up at curling, bowling and golf although his wife Mona has had to slow down following bypass surgery. Tom Forsythe is a neighbour to the Coutts’ and has just celebrated his 95th birthday. We wish all of you good health!

That’s it for another issue. I would like to include you in my jottings next time. All it costs is $15.00 and a postage stamp. I look forward to seeing many of you at the convention in Ottawa in August.

Cheers to all,

Barry Mitchell

! ! !

From the Editor

- Carol Hadley

Preparations for the National Conference of the Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association are well under way at this point. The Executive of the Ontario Region of HKVCA, along with the Hong Kong Veterans Association, is working with a special Ottawa Committee of 12 members, headed by Derrill Henderson. The Committee has been working for several months to make this National HKVCA event a most memorable occasion.

The dates of the Convention are Friday, August 12th to Sunday, August 14th, but we expect may members to arrive on Thursday to be well rested for the busy weekend ahead.

The Lord Elgin Hotel has been completely booked for the event, and the Committee has made every effort to ensure that those attending have as few concerns as possible.

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is working with the Ottawa Committee regarding preparations involving the Hong Kong veterans themselves.

As veterans will already know from a letter sent to them some weeks ago, all expenses incurred by veterans attending, plus those of a designated caregiver, will be covered by VAC. Details of the process will be sent to all veterans and Convention registrants in the next week or so.

Most of the events have now been confirmed, and registrants will be pleased at the variety of the activities taking place. Here is a brief summary of some of these activities:

Friday, Aug 12th:

·         10 a.m.: Registration at the Lord Elgin will begin.

·         9:00 a.m.: Changing of the Guard and various tours are available.

·         There will be two special presentations Friday afternoon:

2:30 p.m. – The Port Perry High School Project to Hong Kong

3:30 p.m. – The Memorial Project explained by Vince Lopata

·         A meet and greet at the new War Museum at 7 p.m. in the evening, with a special tour for the veterans. All with Convention Name Tag are welcome at no charge.

Saturday, Aug 13th:

·         9:30 a.m.: General meeting for all delegates

·         Free time after the meeting, and all afternoon for tourist attractions and other activities.

·         5:00 p.m.: Banquet and dance at the National Arts Centre, with entertainment. Cash draw will take place.

**Special tours of the War Museum for delegates on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Sunday, Aug 14th:

·         11:00 a.m.: Memorial Service at the National War Memorial, with special wreath-laying followed by a reception at Rideau Hall hosted by the Governor General.

·         5:00 p.m. on: Gala Evening at the National Arts Centre with Keynote Speaker, special presentations, with dancing to follow.

**Transportation will be provided to all major events taking place at any distance from the hotel. 

For more specific information regarding arrangements in Ottawa, contact:

Derrill Henderson at Tel.: (613) 829-5033    or e-mail at derrill@sympatico.ca

For information re volunteering (particularly for Ontario region members) contact:

Pat Turcotte at Tel. (905) 274-3189 or e-mail at petsask@sympatico.ca


HKVCA National elections – The call for nominations has been sent out with the National newsletter. Please check with the people whom you wish to nominate for a position to ensure they wish to run for the office and then return the form as quickly as possible for the committee to prepare the ballots.


In previous articles we have reported that on special occasions we have prepared certificates that have been presented to communities where many of our ‘C’ Force members have lived. We would like to continue this project to recognise the men and the towns from which they came. Please contact us with information that we may do the same in your area. So far the certificates have been placed in the town’s Legion hall but community clubs or schools would also be appropriate.


From Ontario Region – Update from Mike Babin:

2005 marks the 60th anniversary of the cessation of WW II hostilities in the Far East, and the release of our Hong Kong Veterans from the prison camps.  There will be a commemorative ceremony at Sai Wan Cemetery on December 4, 2005, and the Ontario Region of the HKVCA is working with a travel agent to organize a trip for interested people to be able to participate in that ceremony.  Details of the trip, including tentative itinerary and estimated costs are shown on the website www.hkvca.ca.  All HKVCA members, whether from Ontario or other regions, are invited to participate. If you are interested, please contact Mike Babin at msbabin@sympatico.ca as soon as possible. Mike Babin, Deputy Regional Director, Ontario Region Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association - Mobile: 416-732-5720 Home: 416-239-9192

Message from Harry Gyselman in BC – He attended the Victoria luncheon and had a great time. He received the Convention package for Ottawa and was sending it in right away – he sends his regards to the Manitoba members and hopes to see many of his buddies in Ottawa. He sent us this picture from the luncheon but there are others on our website (www.hkvca.ca).


Ellen Engstrom thanks the Manitoba members for help in getting some information on her grandfather CSM Frank Logan. She wondered if anyone remembered him as he attended most of the gatherings. If anyone would like to share any memories of her grandfather, please contact the editor and I will pass it on.


The Manitoba HKVCA Education Committee has prepared storyboards, for display purposes, to explain the Battle of Hong Kong. This information was used at the Red River Heritage Days workshops with great success. They will be used as part of a display for the Year of the Veteran that will be held at Assiniboine Park, near the Pavilion on July 1, 2005.

The Committee will also have a display and do a workshop at the Annual SAG conference for Social Science teachers in October 2005. We continue to support the use of the curricula that has been developed by members of our Association to aid teachers with their classroom lessons.


Scouts Canada is proud to announce that they have partnered with Veterans Affairs, Canada Remembers Division, to bring to all Scouting members a unique opportunity to show their appreciation to those who have served, and those who continue to serve and protect peace and freedom in the world.

This exciting initiative involves every member of the organization in hands-on, proactive activities, including a Thank You Card and Crest to be presented to veterans by each Scouting member (including adults). See below:

Taken from The Neepawa Press, Monday, April 25, 2005:


Thursday, April 26

     Over the weekend Mrs. A. Jackson received several letters from short wave radio listeners at the west coast and in the United States containing the text of a message from her son Pvt. James Jackson, of the Winnipeg Grenadiers, who is a prisoner of war in camp near Tokyo.... The first one heard Nov. 24, 1943, and the message was read by a Japanese voice, the last one was Jim's actual voice. He said "Hello mother, and all the family, once again I have the opportunity to let you know that I am fine."

(Editor – I am sure this article will bring back memories for many families of ‘C’ Force members who were in prison camps in Hong Kong and Japan. For the families at home, this short-wave message may have been the first notice that their loved one was still alive.)

Winnipeg Grenadier’s Hong Kong Trust Fund

- Donna Remillard

The Winnipeg Grenadiers Hong Kong Trust Fund provides financial assistance to the issue of the Winnipeg Grenadiers HK Veterans for their pursuit of higher learning. All donations are most gratefully appreciated. Cheques should be written to Winnipeg Grenadier's Hong Kong Trust Fund (not HKVA).

Application inquiries and donations to this fund may be directed to:

Donna Remillard, 303 - 740 Kenaston Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB R3N 1Y3 sellers@mts.com.

Tel: (204) 489-0008.


During a good manners and etiquette class, the teacher says to her students: "If you were courting a well educated young girl from a prominent family and during a dinner for two you needed to go to the toilet, what would you say to her?"

Mike replies, "Wait a minute, I'm going for a pee."

The teacher says: "That would be very rude and improper on your part."

Charlie replies: "I'm sorry I need to go to the toilet, I'll be back in a minute."

The teacher says: "That's much better, but to mention the word 'toilet' during a meal is unpleasant."

And Johnny replies: "My dear, please excuse me for a moment. I have to go shake hands with a personal friend, whom, I hope, to be able to introduce to you after dinner." The teacher passed out.

· · · · ·

A golfer was involved in a terrible car crash and was rushed to the hospital. Just before he was put under, the surgeon popped in to see him. "I have some good news and some bad news," says the surgeon. "The
bad news is that I have to remove your right arm!"
"Oh God no!" cries the man. "My golfing is over! Please Doc, what's the good news?" "The good news is, I have another one to replace it with, but it's a
woman's arm. I'll need your permission before I go ahead with the transplant" "Go for it doc" says the man. "As long as I can play golf again."
The operation went well and a year later the man was out on the golf course when he bumped into the surgeon. "Hi, how's the new arm?"  asks the surgeon.
"Just great," says the businessman. "I'm playing the best golf of my life. My new arm has a much finer touch and my putting has really improved." "That's great," said the surgeon. "Not only that," continued the golfer, "my handwriting has improved, I've learned how to sew my own clothes and I've even taken up painting landscapes in watercolors." "Unbelievable!" said the surgeon, "I'm so glad to hear the transplant was such a great success. Are you having any side effects?" "Well, just one problem," said the golfer. "Every time I get an erection, I also get a headache.  

· · · · ·

There was an old man who had worked hard all of his
life. He was a real miser and had saved nearly every
penny he ever made. Just before he died, he said to his young wife, "When I die, I want you to take all my money and put it in the casket with me. I want to take my money to the afterlife with me." And so he got his wife to promise him with all of her heart that when he died, she would put all of the money in the casket with him.
Well, he died. He was stretched out in the casket, his wife was sitting there in black, and her friend was
sitting next to her. When they finished the ceremony, just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, the wife said, "Wait just a minute!" She had a box with her, she came over with the box and put it in the casket. Then the undertakers locked the casket down and they rolled it away. The widow's friend said, "Girl, I know you weren't fool enough to put all that money in there with your husband." The loyal wife replied, "Listen, I'm a Christian, I can't go back on my word. I promised him that I was going to put that money in that casket with him."
"You mean to tell me you put all that money in the
casket with him!!!!?" "I sure did," said the wife. "I got
it all together, put it into my account and wrote him a check. If he can cash it, he can spend it."

· · · · ·

My wife, who is blonde, came running up to me in the

driveway, the other day, just jumping for joy! I didn't know why she was jumping for joy but I thought, what the heck and I starting jumping up and down along with her.   When she said, "Honey, I have some really great news  for you!"   I said "Great. Tell me what you're so happy about."

  She stopped jumping and was breathing heavily from all the jumping up and down, when she told me that she was pregnant!  I was ecstatic!  We had been trying for a while, so I grabbed her and kissed her on the lips and told her, "That's great! I couldn't be happier!"  

 Then, she said "Oh, honey, There's more."

  I asked, "What do you mean 'more'?"

  She said, "Well, we are not having just one baby. We are going to have TWINS!"

  Amazed at how she could know so soon after getting

pregnant, I asked her  how she knew.  She said,

  (You're going to love this!)   "Well, that was the easy part. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the twin-pack home pregnancy test kit and both tests came out positive!"

· · · · ·

This happened in a little town in Newfoundland, and even though it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's absolutely true. Ross the Newfie was on the side of the road hitchhiking on a Very dark night in the middle of a terrible rainstorm; and no cars were on the road.
The storm was so strong Ross could hardly see a few feet ahead of him. Suddenly, he saw a car come toward him and stop. Ross, without thinking about it, got in the car and closed the door and only then did he realize that there was nobody behind the wheel! The car started to move very slowly. Ross became spooked. He did not know what to do. He looked down the road and saw a curve coming his way. Petrified, Ross started to pray, begging for his life. Ross was now in shock.  But just before the car hit the curve, a hand suddenly appeared through the window and moved the steering wheel. Ross, now paralyzed in terror, watched how the hand appeared every time the car was approaching a curve. Finally, although terrified, Ross managed to open the door and jump out of the spooky car. Without looking back, he ran through the storm all the way to the nearest
Soaking wet, exhausted, and in a state of utter shock, the pale, visibly shaken, Ross walked into a nearby bar and asked for two shots of Screech.
Then, still trembling with fright, he started telling everybody in the bar about the horrible experience he just went through with the spooky car, with no driver, and the mysterious hand that kept appearing. Everyone in the bar listened in silence and became frightened just listening to this eerie story. Their neck hairs stood on end when they realized the guy was telling the truth, because he was crying and he definitely was not drunk!
About half an hour later two guys walked into the same bar and one said to the other, "Look, there son, there's the idiot who got into the car while we were pushing it!" · · · · ·


Monthly lunches are held at St. James Legion on Portage Ave. at NOON - 2nd Thursday of the month. The facility is fully accessible.

· · · · ·

HKVCA meetings at St James Legion at 1300 hrs on June 9, September 17 and October 15, 2005

· · · · ·

Manitoba VJ Day celebration will be held August 7th at the Legislative grounds.

· · · · ·

Convention 2005 – Ottawa

August 12 – 14, 2005

Registration packages have been mailed - please return the completed sheets as soon as possible. We would like to see you there!

· · · · ·

Manitoba HKVA Reunion will be held October 22, 2005 at Holiday Inn Airport West – more information will be in the mail

· · · · ·


*** Check your membership card today. Please make sure you are a paid up member. Also when you remit your membership, indicate if Manitoba is your primary region or just for newsletters. Thank you. ***

· · · · ·

Your HKVA Branch Council Phone Numbers - Keep Them Handy:

George Peterson, President

Carol Hadley, Secretary/Newsletter

Barry Mitchell, Treasurer/Membership

Juliet Lafortune, Social

Terence Jackson, Memorials

Phil Doddridge, Nat’l President











Have a wonderful day and be safe!