Hong Kong Veterans' Association of Canada

Manitoba Branch
Box 381 Winnipeg, MB R3C 2P4
January, February, March, 2000
Editor: Carol Hadley, (204) 837-6754
Email: cahadley@videon.wave.ca

Millennium - A New Beginning

As we enter this new phase for the Hong Kong Veterans Association and the Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association of merging the administration into one body, we must keep in mind the reason for forming this association originally and that was for added strength to fight for the benefits needed by these veterans who fought valiantly for their country. The HKVCA will carry the torch and hold it high.

President's Report
By the time you receive this newsletter, the excitement and celebration of Christmas and New Year will have passed. It is the wish of your Executive and myself, that you all had a Peaceful and enjoyable time. May the year 2000 bring you and yours, PEACE, JOY and GOOD HEALTH!!

**Pilgrimage 2000**
We have information from Ottawa that there WILL be a pilgrimage to Hong Kong. Tentative dates are that departure from Vancouver will be November 29, 2000 and return December 7, 2000. If anyone is interested please contact me immediately, Carol Hadley - (204) 837-6754- and I will add your name to the list for any information packages that go out. We don't have costs yet, it would depend on how many people would be going.
*Also if you have given me your name, previously, please contact me again as my other list was lost when my computer crashed. Sorry for the inconvenience.*

Moose Game
The Manitoba Moose Hockey Club are sponsoring a Military Night, Sunday January 23, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. This opportunity is open to all military, veterans, reserve and cadets. Tickets are $12.00 instead of $19.00. They request that you wear your blazers c/w crest and beret and our colours will be presented prior to the game. George will arrange with the colour party, if available to attend. **So if you want me to reserve tickets for you please call, Carol Hadley, 837-6754, a.s.a.p.** Thanks.

Monthly Lunch
By popular request, I have made arrangements for the JANUARY 13th lunch to be held at Rae & Jerry's on Portage Ave, just before Polo Park. This is the restaurant that several of the waitresses from Fingers are working and they are very pleased that they will be seeing you again. I know that these changes can be a nuisance, but the atmosphere may be more suited to what you had at Fingers. At that time we can decide about the monthly lunches that are held the 2nd Thursday, of the month. Hope to see you there.

Mature Driver's Program
Harry Atkinson sent a video 'Mature Drivers Program' that was produced by the War Amps of Canada to assist veterans in keeping their drivers license. The ability/license to drive is a major factor in keeping the spirits up for aging persons. We will circulate the video among the members as quickly as possible. We also received fact sheets on Exceptional Incapacity Allowance and Attendance Allowance which will clarify the qualifications and benefits for these two programs from Veterans Affairs Canada. Copies of these fact sheets and Income Tax form T 2201E will be sent out to the Vets in the Winnipeg area. If others require this information please contact me and a package will be sent to you.

Notes from Barry Mitchell, Treasurer/Membership
Greetings everyone!! Response to our reminders about dues was terrific in November and December, but we're now looking to finalize the roster for 1999. If you haven't yet sent us your membership for last year, please dig deep and help us move along into the New Year. Remember, Veteran's dues are $15.00 and Associates $7.50. Those in the Commemorative Association can be paid up to March, 2000, for $10.00. Let's have everybody on board in the next few weeks!!

Had a nice chat with Myra Spier concerning her move into a nursing home. Says she is 'just fine' and enjoying her new surroundings .... Lovely card & note from Gladys Brazel of Red Lake, ON. She's sorry she couldn't make the Reunion Dinner but wishes good health to all. Thanks for the dues and donation, Gladys ... Sharren Davis of Brandon sent in dues for two years' in the Commemorative Association and even included a postage stamp for a response!! ...Welcome to Louise Horst to the Commemorative Association. Louise is the niece of Pt. T.I. Thomasson .....Nice to hear Marion Fidler on Conway Street in Winnipeg who sent us a generous contribution .... Welcome to Patrick Dann of Alberta who joins Ann & Robert Dann of Winnipeg as Associate Members ....Nice chat followed by a note from Francis Andrews in Birtle, MB. He also sent us a generous payment for a new blazer crest plus a Commemorative membership for his son Kevin ... Long chat with Rob Rheault of Kenora, ON, re his dad's plaque at All Saints church plus his enthusiasm to help HKVA in some way ...Appreciate the note from Grant Shepherd along with his dues for 2000 ... Thanks for the stamps to Ilene Ford ....Warm Season's Greetings card from Esther and Maurice Lapointe in Penticton, BC ...Also Christmas wishes from Len Seaborn in Elks Manor in Neepawa, MB ... And finally, a Hello to Art Diehl in Cypress River, MB. It was nice meeting you through the mail ....To everyone - - - keep those cards and letters coming along with your dues and donations.

Transfer of Responsibilities
Harry Atkinson and Derrill Henderson, representing the HKVA and the HKVCA respectively, have drawn up a critical path for the transfer of powers and obligations from the Veterans' Association to the Commemorative Association, as proposed and resolved at the Annual General Meeting in Granby last summer According to their recommendations, there would be seven steps in the transfer, as follows:
1. Setting up of a joint council. (Already done)
2. Aligning of responsibilities: March 31, 2000;
3. Documentation of existing functions at HKVA Branch level: December 31, 2000.
4. Modification of procedures to allow for the incorporation of the functions of the various Branches, as required and/or desired; March 31, 2001.
5. Transfer of activities; June 30, 2001;
6. Transfer of bank accounts: July 31, 2001;
7. Final signing and handing over of all functions; August 15, 2001.
This plan was passed by unanimous vote at the Executive meeting on October 30.

Silver Cross
The Silver Cross is only awarded to those families of veterans whose death can be attributed to a condition for which the veteran was receiving a disability pension. The percentage of the pension contributed to the particular disability does not matter. It is important that the death certificate clearly indicate the cause of death and the disability factor leading to it. (IE - Cause of Death - pneumonia caused by influenza [where the veteran had a disability pension for influenza]). This type of death certificate will see the Silver Cross immediately shipped to the family. If the death certificate is not completed in this fashion, and the family believes that the root cause was due to a pensioned disability, they should immediately have the doctor reissue a corrected copy. If anyone wishes to apply for this medal, please call me and I will send you the form.

Notes and Phone Calls
I received a phone call in November, from Helen Martyn , with news that Marie Corbeil is now in a care home and she has Alzheimer disease. Anyone wishing to send regards to Marie may do so through her Granddaughter, Sheridan Corbeil 104-1633 E. Lakeside Dr., Gilbert, AZ, 85234. Unfortunately before this newsletter was published, Marie passed away. Our condolences to the family
Janet Coulson of West Vancouver, sent a lovely note about the newsletter, a donation, dues and her regrets for not being able to attend the Reunion. She sends her Best Regards to all her 'Winnipeg Family' but her health has not been too good and is unable to travel now.
A letter from MarLyn Rasmussen, daughter of Lt. George A Birkett , requesting information about the Associations and getting a membership.
A note from Sidney Vale in Edmonton, was sent to wish everyone well and for not being able to attend the Annual Dinner this year but participated in the name draw. Thanks for the correction to your address - we like to stay current with this.
A note was received from Gus Bitzer from the Alberta/Saskatchewan Branch. Its always nice to hear from the other branches.
We received an address change from Jean Zilkie , nice to hear from you and thanks for thinking of us.
An address and a name change was received from Beryl Marnoch-MacDonald , of Carberry, MB. Thanks for letting us know of the changes.
** Too often we find out that people have moved when the mail is returned and then the hunt begins to find out where you are. So please remember us when you send out notifications of your move. It is greatly appreciated.**
Bertha Alyea , Pete Corbeil 's sister, sent a note wishing everyone all the best for the coming year. In the December issue of the SAPA Chronicle _ there was a fine tribute to George Harrison , President of the Manitoba Branch of SAPA. His passing leaves only 4 members - Art Lousier, George Gillis, Don Gaudhe and Jimmy Hunter .
This item was sent to us from Public Relations at Deer Lodge Centre ...'I'm just writing to say 'Thank you' for the freedom I have today.' Trina, Providence, NWT. Such are the sentiments from young people all across Canada that were expressed in close to 800 postcards mailed to veterans at Deer Lodge Centre in Winnipeg - home to 155 veterans. It started out as a school-based project of Veterans Affairs Canada to promote Remembrance Day in elementary schools. The veterans think its great!! The cards are read to veterans and talked about in group activities.

**HKVA support Deer Lodge Foundation with monetary donations to the VETERAN MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT FUND through the Starburst Celebration Campaign for Veterans* The income generated by this fund is disbursed each year to make care better for veterans**

Membership renewals ($10.00 soon to be $15.00 in April, 2000) are now due and can be sent to Barry Mitchell, 22 Tunis Bay, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2X1. Widows of Hong Kong Vets are exempt. Crests ($18.00) for blazers are available. This is the new Association's crest - it is professionally made, similar to the military crests and has a 5 - 7 week delivery on it.
Monument HK markers ($50.00 ) are available. These are mounted on the grave stone - the marker is metal and coated in a heavy-duty red enamel with white HK emblazoned on it. The package has a registration inside that should be sent to Ottawa to be archived. The crests and markers can be purchased from Lora Wachtendorf (1-204-388-6536).

President - Juliet Lafortune
Hi Everyone
Hope you all had a great holiday season and I wish you all luck, health and happiness now and in the year 2000. The years of 2000 and 2001 will be packed with excitement for all of us. As we proceed into the year 2000 the HKVA and HKVCA will begin the amalgamation process. The HKVA will have final say on all matters, the HKVCA will put in the elbow grease. We need your help to get things off the ground.
In 2001 the convention will be held in Winnipeg in August. There are many areas to be organized. COME ON BOARD TO HELP - WE NEED YOU!
The HKVCA will hold a meeting January 25, 2000 at 7 p.m. at John Osborn, ANAF and all are welcome to attend, for more information, please call Julie (338-3354), Carol (837-6754, Barry (269-1497) or Lora (1-204-388-6536).

Last Post
A recent call from Jack Keller in Regina to inform us of the passing of his wife, Patricia , daughter of John J. Davis , H-6050. Sheridan Corbeil notified us of the passing of her Grandmother, Marie Corbeil , wife of Arthur J. Corbeil , H-6092 of Mesa, AZ.
Our sincere sympathy to those bereaved. We will remember them.

Member's Contributions
I have borrowed this from SAPA Chronicle, March, 1999 written for Bill Owen , Alberta-Saskatchewan Branch President, by his granddaughter, Faye Owen.

by Faye Owen
Grampa's eyes
have seen more than mine
and they still do,
although he is blind.

The wisdom that comes
from experience and time
radiates from him
like something divine.

A life time of struggle
has become peace of mind,
He holds up his head
strength and wisdom combined.

Whenever I need guidance
I know he'll be there
to help me along,
no one else can compare.

On the subject of Friends
by Eleanor Roosevelt:

Many people will walk in and out of your life,
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

To handle yourself, use your head;
To handle others, use your heart.

Anger is only one letter short of danger.

If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

He who loses money, loses much;
He who loses a friend, loses much more;
He who loses faith, loses all.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
But beautiful old people are works of art.

Learn from the mistakes of others.
You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

Friends, you and me....
You brought another friend....
And then there were 3....
We started our group....
Our circle of friends....
And like that circle....
There is no beginning or end....

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.

The following item was sent to me a while back by Tom Forsythe and it was written by Russell J. Krupp:

The First Xmas in Japan (Camp 5B Niigata)
The guard is shouting now, through Rance the Interpreter,
He wants two men EMA, (at once) on the double
To carry wooden buckets, only a mile
Its your Xmas dinner; wooden buckets, how they stank!
How can you sterilize, something that once held rotting fish?
even if there was fuel?
Krupp dishing out cold macaroni, halfway through he sees he will be short
Hold on, he shouts, I've got to take a spoonful back from everyone
To make it go around! And in the end there was none left for Krupp!
I mind him well, he wrote in my small pocket book, (I have it still)
Dog-eared and stained, but precious, he wrote:
The B .. walking's good, only a foot of snow
If only we had socks, but they were worn to pieces long ago
How do you hold a worn out shoe? You tie straw rope around your feet
So what was waiting for us there? Cold, ice cold macaroni
Left over from the factory workers meal the day before!
Back at camp, a building like a barn, cold as charity
No fires allowed, no stoves there anyway, C
When you are back, in the good old land
Give a thought to the rough days
And the boys who were there.
- written Aug.21, 1945 by P.O.W. 308

Other Newsletters
From ONTARIO : The National Council of Veteran Associations in Canada held their Annual General Meeting November 2, 1999. The result of the elections were .. Chairman, Cliff Chadderton; Vice-Chairmen, John Stroud and Les Peate. Their Obituaries included George Barron, Lloyd Carter, Lucien Brunet, Daniel Dunseath, Doug Martin, Leonard Doiron. There was a short report on the National Convention in Granby PQ.
Under Books to Read:
'This Soldier's Story (1939-1945)' by George S. MacDonell - Hong Kong Veteran. Cost of the book is $20.00 plus $4.00 for mailing. Orders and the cheques for this book may be sent to:
Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association
1 Stafford Road
Suite 164
Nepean, ON
K2H 1B9.

Joke: 'Worrying is like a rocking chair, it's something to do, but it won't get you anywhere.'

Seasons Greetings were extended to everyone by the Ontario Executive.
From B.C.:
HK and HKVCA had a Reunion Luncheon, October 23 at the Tally Ho Hotel and a joint Reunion at the Quality Inn on October 30.
Thank yous were extended to the coordinators of the National Convention in Granby, Quebec.
New Book : 'Escape to Life' by Jan J. Solecki. Newly published historical novel about Chinese People's struggle against Japanese aggression in North East China in nineteen thirties. Two Canadian young people are involved in an operation to free one thousand inmates from the Japanese army operated experimental medical camp. Exciting, romantic and thought provoking, the book will appeal to every Chinese and non-Chinese reader. Privately published, the book is available from:
Jotolusa Trade and Management Inc.
202-1916 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC V7M 2K1
or telephone (604) 224-6366, (604) 980-4246
Price is $19.95 + GST $1.40 = $21.35.
Please add $5.00 for shipping in Canada and $5.00 abroad. Make cheques payable to Jotolusa Trade and Management Inc.

There was a nice article on the Convention in Granby. It was mentioned that Roger Cyr is again taking a series of treatments for cancer. Good luck Roger! We wish you the best. Lawrence Rattie is in hospital again and is very sick - we pray for his recovery.

Honours & Awards - there has been a witness found to verify that 'Gander', the Newfoundland dog mascot, did in fact pick up the Jap grenade. Another witness is required to complete the procedure for getting a medal for 'Gander'.

New Drug - for people suffering from arthritis called, 'Celebrex'. It works without the adverse stomach effects and DVA has approved it.

Books on Prison Life : Dr. Lester I. Tenney was a POW in Japan working in a coal mine near Fukioka. He wrote, 'My Hitch in Hell: The Bataan Death March', by Amazon Book sales at amazon.com and sells for $17.47 US, published by Brasseys, Inc. OSBN 0028811259. Another book is 'Prisoners of the Japanese' by Gavan Daws, also available from Amazon Book Sales at amazon.com on the internet and sells for $12.00 US ISBN 06881143709 - well worth reading.

Harold Englehart , longtime treasurer of the QM Branch, fell and injured his chest and on November 30, passed away. Deepest sympathy is extended to Marge and family. Henry Martin , HK Vet from the Maria MicMac Reserve, died in a car accident in 1964 and is buried in a cemetery on the Reserve. It was decided that a HK marker should be placed on his tombstone. Also, it was agreed that a donation be made to assist in the erection of a cenotaph on the Reserve. ** Phil Doddridge who writes the Quebec-Maritimes Branch newsletter has a pet project of establishing a military museum for the Town of New Richmond. A major part of the design of this museum will emphasize the fact that 53 men from this small community served in Hong Kong. If anyone wishes to financially support this endeavour, please send cheques payable to Military Museum Foundation, Baie des Chaleurs to: Phil Doddridge, 105 Veterans Street, New Richmond, QC, G0C 2B0. Official receipts will be given.**

Leo Berard's Book Leo, has written a book called '17 Days Until Christmas' and he has sent me several autographed copies to sell. So if you contact me, Carol Hadley, 837-6754, I will make sure you get a copy, the cost is $20.00.

Here are a few chuckles from Bill Nicholson :

' Whenever you shop at the supermarket, you know you're putting your money where your mouth is.
' Getting old is merely a matter of feeling your corns more than your oats.
' Unfortunately, most people who boast of having an open mind have a mouth to match.
' Definition of a good party: when you come home looking like the picture on your driver's license.
' The guy who invented the credit card is probably the same one who invented the boomerang.
How are husbands like lawn mowers?
They're hard to get started, they emit noxious odours, and half the time they don't work....

Can You Help? Here is a letter from James Currie , son of E.A. Currie , H 6329, of the Winnipeg Grenadiers, Prisoner #286, Camp #5 near Yokohama, Japan.

'Enclosed you will find a 150% laser photo enlargement of an original 8 x 10 black and white photograph. There are 5 original copies of this photo, but no negative remains. Seated on the right is E.A. Currie . Ed was my father and passed away March 30, 1980. These original photographs have been stored and forgotten for many years, but I have now relocated them and truly wish to identify the other four men in this picture and if at all possible return them or their families this keepsake. My father had few regrets, but one he did have was not fulfilling a promise made to these gentlemen that if he managed to get the negative out that he would get them their copy. Five copies were made and I feel obligated in his memory to help fulfill that promise.'

**If anyone can assist James with this request please contact me and I will forward the information to him**

JANUARY 13th lunch to be held at Rae & Jerry's on Portage Ave, just before Polo Park. Hope to see you there. *Monthly lunches are the second Thursday of each month*

Pilgrimage 2000 - Call (Carol - 837-6754) before January 11th.

MOOSE tickets - Call (Carol - 837-6754) before January 11th.

HKVCA will hold a meeting January 25, 2000 at 7 p.m. at John Osborn, ANAF - Empress at Ellice.

Your Executive
George Peterson, President 256-7174
Borge Agerbak, 1st Vice 897-3213
Roy Robinson, Sick Visiting 256-3756
Carol Hadley, Secretary/Newsletter 837-6754
Barry Mitchell, Treasurer/Membership 269-1497
Juliet Lafortune, Social 338-3354
Gerald McArthur, Liaison Officer 338-1356
Terence Jackson, Memorials 452-1460
Harold Atkinson, National President 1-613-392-8074