List of Winnipeg Grenadier Audio Interviews Conducted by the Manitoba Museum

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Adams, Mr. F. G..mp3 Anderson, Mr. E..mp3 Ashton, Mr.W..mp3
Atkinson, Mr. H. A..mp3 Bakaluk, H. K..mp3 Ballingall, Mt. A. T..mp3
Bardal, Mr. N. O..mp3 Batten Mr. J. H..mp3 Bertulli, Mr. E..mp3
Black, Mr. M..mp3 Bourbonniere, Mr. H..mp3 Bourbonniere, Mr. T. A..mp3
Boyd, Mr. R..mp3 Budd, Mr. C..mp3 Cameron, Mr. D. M..mp3
Carpenter, Mr. C. J..mp3 Chipping, Mr. G..mp3 Clark, Mr. J. T..mp3
Clements, Mr. A..mp3 Controis, Mr. A..mp3 Cox, Mr. A. A..mp3
Cox, Mr. A. J..mp3 Crawford, Dr. J..mp3 Dalzell, Mr. R..mp3
Darragh, Mr. C. W..mp3 Delbridge, Mr. A. H..mp3 Derhak, Mr. W..mp3
Ebert, Mr. G. H..mp3 Fagg, Mr. F..mp3 Feguson, Mr. G..mp3
Forsyth, Mr. T. S..mp3 Fowler, Mr. J. J..mp3 Fowler, Mr. R..mp3
Friesen, Mr. I..mp3 Fury, Mr. J..mp3 Gregg, Mr. P. M..mp3
Gysleman, Mr. H..mp3 Harding, Mr. F. A..mp3 Harding, Mr. W..mp3
Hardy, Mr. H. H..mp3 Harrison, Mr. G. R..mp3 Henderson, Mr. A..mp3
Holden, Mr.O. A..mp3 Houston, Mr. J..mp3 Huard, Mr. R. J..mp3
Jackson, Mr. A..mp3 Katchen, Mr. M..mp3 Kippling, Mr. G..mp3
Kyrniski, Mr. W..mp3 LaFortune, Mr. M..mp3 LaPointe, Mr. M. A..mp3
Logan, Mr. F..mp3 Lytle, Mr. R. F..mp3 Maltman, Mr. W. R..mp3
McRitchie, Mr. A..mp3 Meagher, Mr. G. C..mp3 Michalko, Mr. J..mp3
Millar, Mr, H. R..mp3 Morgan, Mr. F. J..mp3 Morrison, Mr D. C..mp3
Munn, Mr. A. H..mp3 Murray, Mr. J. T. F..mp3 Osadchuk, Mr..mp3
Park, Mr. J. E..mp3 Peterson, Mr. Gn. N..mp3 Peterson, Mr. M..mp3
Poitras, Mr. F. W..mp3 Pople, Mr. W. H. J..mp3 Prairie, Mr. A.mp3
Reich, Mr. F..mp3 Robinson, Mr. R..mp3 Ryman, Mr. F. C..mp3
Sadova, Mr. F..mp3 Seaborn, Mr. L. B..mp3 Skibinski, Mr. J..mp3
Smith, Mr. W. J..mp3 Smithson, Mr. R. H..mp3 Specht, Mr. L..mp3
Thom, Mr. J. H..mp3 Thomson, Mr. W..mp3 Tibbits, Mr. C..mp3
Trembeth, Mr. R. M..mp3 Trick, Mr. C. R..mp3 VanRaee, Mr. E..mp3
Watson, Mr. C..mp3 Williams, Mr. G. E..mp3 Windsor, Mr. C..mp3
Wright, Mr. F..mp3Fawcett, Mr. W..mp3SZacharko Transcript.pdf