List of Interviews Conducted by Dr. Charles Roland


Many thanks to Colin Standish, grandson of Colin A. Standish, RRC. for sharing these interview documents.

For background on these interviews, read the document Roland Finding Aid in the list below. Only those interviews pertinent to 'C' Force are linked on this page.

All are in PDF format. PDF

Note: Page 7 of the Kay Christie interview is missing.

Charles Roland wrote  Long Night's Journey into Day, a book about the POWs in Hong Kong and Japan. Search the web using the term "long night's journey into day roland" to find a vendor.


A R Squires.pdfAlvin C Poweleit.pdfAndrew Allen Henry.pdf
Anthony Henry Cowling.pdfArthur Glenn MacBain.pdfArthur H. Holmes.pdf
Clifford Arnold Royea.pdfColin Standish127.pdfD A Golden.pdf
Donat Bernier.pdfDr E C Jacobs.pdfDr K Cambon.pdf
Dr Richard Philips.pdfDr Robert B McClure.pdfDr Solomon Matthew Bard.pdf
E L Hurd.pdfFlora Millicent (Gauld) Little.pdfFrank Arnold Harding.pdf
Friedrich Wilhelm Klutzow.pdfGodfrey Livingstone Gale.pdfHarry Atkinson.pdf
Hugh Leonard.pdfJ Oscar Fitzalen H Orr.pdfJack George.pdf
Jack Hardy.pdfJames William Anderson.pdfJames William Lloyd King.pdf
Joe Ateah.pdfJoe Michalko.pdfJoesph Arnold Hunt.pdf
Johannes Jacobus Otterspoor.pdfJohn Charles Ford.pdfJohn N B Crawford 9 years later.pdf
John N B Crawford.pdfJohn Raymond Stroud.pdfJohn Roussel.pdf
Joseph John Duguay.pdfJoseph Patrick Poirier.pdfJoseph Roger Raymond Quirion.pdf
K G Christie.pdfKen Pifher.pdfLawrence Rattie.pdf
Leonard J Birchall.pdfLeslie John audus.pdfLeslie M Canivet.pdf
Lionel C Speller.pdfLucien Camielle Brunet.pdfMax Moysey.pdf
Mr. Clifford Mathews.pdfOswald ALfred Luce.pdfPhilip Doddridge.pdf
Rabbi Chaim Nussbaum.pdfReginald Law.pdfRobert Boyd.pdf
Robert_D_Adams.pdfRoland Finding Aid.pdfRonald Claricoates.pdf
Roy Robinson.pdfSidney Vernon.pdfSir Albert Rodrigues.pdf
Wallace Vivan Cake.pdfWalter Jenkins.pdfWesley Ernest.pdf
William Allister.pdfWilliam Bragg Schofield.pdfWilliam Joseph Yeardye.pdf
William Muir Stewart.pdf