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BOD Only (password required)

Want to nominate someone for the Board of Directors 2017-2018 slate? Just use our online system. Click on the link below and fill in the body of the blank email which will be displayed. Make sure you fill in all the required information, which was published in the Spring Newsletter, and is also listed below. You can nominate as many people as you wish - just add the information to the email body as needed.

Nomination by Email

In your email you must include:

  • Name of nominee
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • Name of nominator (you)
  • Your phone number
  • Your region:
    • BC
    • Prairie
    • Ontario
    • Quebec
    • Atlantic

Your email must reach the election chair on or before 30 April 2017


The form published in the Spring Newsletter is shown below for reference.


HKVCA Elections 2017

The Board of Directors asked Kathie Carlson to run the 2017 Nominations and Elections Process. The Elections Committee includes Kathie Carlson (Chair), Cynthia Melanson and Sharon Kurtz.

Call for Nominations” for the HKVCA National Board of Directors

The Election Committee is formally “Calling for Nominations” for the National Board of Directors. We urge all members to consider whom you feel would contribute their time, energy and skills, to ensuring the spirit, values and success of HKVCA carries forward. The Nomination Form is attached to this Spring Newsletter.


Nominations and Elections Process:


Please review the following before submitting your nominations to the Election Committee:

  1. This Elections Committee is seeking nominees for a maximum of twelve (12) Directors.

  2. The term of office for all Directors is now one (1) year. (There is no longer a limit to the number of sequential terms a person may serve.)

  3. You may nominate as many people as you wish. (Consider advising any nominee(s) of your plans.)

  4. A nominee must be eighteen (18) years old.

  5. A nominee must be an HKVCA member or become a member within ten (10) days after election or appointment as a Director.

  6. All Nomination Forms must have a postmark or email date, on or before April 30, 2017.

  7. The Elections Committee will validate the Nominees by contacting them to ensure their willingness to serve if elected. A short biography will be requested at that time. Deadline for receipt of biographies is May 15, 2017 for the nominee to be included on the election ballot.

  8. If there are more than 12 valid nominees, the committee will conduct an election.

  9. The Elections Ballot and individual biographies will be included in the June (Summer) Newsletter.

  10. All Ballots must have a postmark or email date, on or before July 30, 2017.

  11. The Elections Committee will prepare a written report for presentation and acceptance at the August 2017 Annual General meeting. Formal notification of the Election results will also be included in the September 2017 (Fall) Newsletter.

  12. At the first meeting of the new board, the board appoints the Executive Committee (President, Secretary etc.)




Regional Councils

In addition to the HKVCA National Board of Directors, there are 5 Regional Councils (BC, Prairie, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic) chaired by the elected Director for that region. Positions of Secretary and Treasurer on the Regional Councils are filled by volunteers. If you, or someone you know is interested in volunteering for positions on the Regional Councils, please make recommendations directly to your Regional Director, as Regional Council Secretary/Treasurer positions are not a part of the National Board election.


Nomination Form for HKVCA National Board of Directors, 2017

Instruction for completion of this Nominations Form is included in the Spring (March 2017) Newsletter WASURERU-NAI.


Please nominate any number of people you feel would honour and enhance the objectives of HKVCA and who would represent the memberships’ position during discussions of the Association business.


  Name (Please type or print) Address Postal Code Phone Number


(If you wish to nominate more than 8 people, please duplicate this form.)


Name of the Person Submitting this Nomination Form___________________________________


Phone Number _____________________


Please place an “X” by your Region: BC____ Prairie____ Ontario____ Quebec ____ Atlantic____


I have contacted the person whom I'm nominating, and they have agreed to serve if elected


Please send your completed Nominations Form, on or before, April 30, 2017, to:


By E-Mail to: election_chair@hkvca.ca


By Mail to: Elections Chair, Kathie Carlson,

#214 - Mt. Sundance Crescent West, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 0T6