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Elections 2016

Board of Directors

Last year we used the new procedures implemented because of regulation changes for Charitable Status organizations as to how Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are elected. At the national level the Membership votes for the Board of Directors only, and the newly elected Board will then appoint the Executive Committee (i.e. President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.). Directors must be elected annually and the term restriction of two consecutive terms has been removed.

Attached is the Nomination form for Directors. Please refer to it as you read this. If you are accessing this on-line, please be certain to use the Nomination form for your region.

The top box on the form is reserved for nominating Directors. You can nominate any number of people you wish. There are a maximum of 12 Directors to be elected. Please ensue that at least one of the individuals you nominate is a resident of your region.

You may nominate anyone you feel would do a good job. They don’t have to be a current member of the association, but if elected, the individual must join prior to attending their first Board meeting. It is preferred that you please speak to those you nominate, however this is not absolutely necessary. Upon receipt of the Nomination form, the Elections Officer will contact the individuals nominated to explain the duties involved and to ensure they will serve if elected. Once this agreement is obtained, their name will be placed on the voting ballot. This ballot will be attached to the next issue of the newsletter.

Region Councils

Under the new regulations, the Board of Directors is responsible to ensure a functioning Region council exists. The Region Director is voted upon in the top box. The individual from a specific region with the greatest number of votes will be appointed as Region Director, unless that individual accepts a position on the National Executive, or refuses to serve in that capacity. Then the individual with the second highest vote count will be appointed as region Director. No formal elections of the Secretary, Treasurer or other council members, is required under the new regulations, but it is the Board’s desire that you participate in the selection of the Secretary and Treasurer. For those with strong councils, it is desirable that these individuals continue to serve should they be prepared to continue, but your agreement is requested. You may recommend others should you so desire. The bottom box on the form is reserved for this purpose.

As I shall not be running for re-election, the Board has appointed me Elections Officer for this year. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. By e-mail at derrill@sympatico.ca or by telephone at 613-601-5033.

Derrill Henderson

Nomination Forms

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