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HKVCA President - Derrill Henderson

The close of 2010 has been one of the busiest three-month periods I can remember. To say that it continues to be challenging is an understatement. Beside the many activities already mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter, I have been elected as Vice-Chair of the National Council of Veterans Associations. So far this has not been too demanding, but as many of the issues in the 2011 program of the NCVA have an impact on our HK veterans and widows, I felt obligated to "serve if elected". As I am just learning the job, I am not in a position to make any announcements, but rest assured, there are many things in the works. As to my HKVCA activity, the majority of my time has been assisting with the completion of the monument site - lighting, parking, etc.

I regret that I was unable to make the Hong Kong pilgrimage that Ontario’s Mike Babin has once more put together. In my "other life" I am teaching a couple of courses that take precedent over personal desires, so I could not get away. Having been once, it is a moving and very informative adventure, and I encourage you to go should the opportunity arise in the future. I certainly shall.

One thing that I have been able to do, and I challenge you to do likewise; I have encouraged four persons to join our association since August. In one of these cases, the individual has taken the task in hand of getting many more from his family to join. Our membership declined in 2009 and this is a shame. The membership dues of $15.00 are not a stumbling block; those whom I have persuaded to join were surprised at how little it was. So, my challenge to you is to get one other person to join the association. I have found, a few minutes over a cup or coffee (or a beer) is enough to peak the interest and have people asking for more. You don’t have to fill out any forms or collect any money. Just direct them to our web site, and all instructions are there.

From my family to yours, a very Merry Christmas. My dad was always ready to leave the past in the past, but their past made our future, so add a prayer of thanks for our HK vets as Grace is said over the Christmas turkey. May good fortune sprinkle its blessings over us all in 2011.


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