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There was no Obituary that could be found in any paper we searched in, but because of what he wrote we can tell you a little about him.

Leo Paul Berard was born February 1, 1915 in  Ste. Anne des Chenes, Manitoba. Leo joined the Winnipeg Grenadiers in 1933 at the age of 18. He met and married his wife Helen in Winnipeg and they were married March 30, 1935. They were married for 62 years and had three children, two girls, Vicki and Eileen and one boy Bill. Leo continued to serve and train with the Grenadiers until he was shipped off to Hong Kong where he spent time in both Hong Kong and Japan. Once released, he continued serving in the army until his retirement in 1965. While in the army he worked in the Officer Training Schools, served in Korea and finished his career as a training officer at Camp Borden, outside of Barrie. In 1997 he wrote a book about his experiences called “17 days until Christmas”.

He will be Remembered.