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Sorted by date of death. Use page search (Edit menu) to quickly find a name.


Disclaimer: while the information contained in the "Last Post" is believed to be accurate, HKVCA posts it as a service only and is not liable for any errors or omissions.

Thanks to Vince Lopata for providing this information.

Names that are underlined are linked to other information.

Last Name First Name Second Names Rank Regt No Date of Death (dd/mm/yyyy)
BEATTIE Kenneth Graham Rfm E30758 01/01/1985
JOSEY Ancil Lloyd Rfm E30390 26/03/1985
MCGREGOR 3 Herman Malcolm Rfm C65019 ??/03/1985
JUENKE Reinhold   Pte H6720 05/06/1985
MADDESS Campbell Richard Pte H6753 21/06/1985
PARKER Maurice Albert Maj   10/08/1985
COATES William Robert Pte H41851 24/08/1985
ACHTYMICHUK William   Pte H17598 12/10/1985
YOUNG James   Pte H6485 03/12/1985
MARTYN Francis Denis Ford LCpl H6053 10/02/1986
CARPENTER Clifford Joseph LCpl H6199 19/04/1986
TUCKETT William John Pte H6318 01/05/1986
MORROW Desmond James LCpl H6663 11/05/1986
FIDLER Raymond   Pte H6808 26/05/1986
PETERSON Morris Andrew Pte H6203 09/06/1986
CORBEIL Arthur Joseph Pte H6092 01/07/1986
SULLIVAN Robert Thomas Rfm E30174 03/07/1986
BLACKSTOCK Robert L Pte L2854 27/07/1986
WHALEN Cecil Thomas LSgt H6048 04/08/1986
DENISON Everette Ernest Capt   15/08/1986
HILL John Wallace Pte H6373 10/10/1986
ROYAL Walter Allan Burt Capt   22/11/1986
SMITH John Earle Denison 2Lieut   22/11/1986
EGGIE Edwin David Pte H41808 21/01/1987
KIPLING George   Pte H20808 05/03/1987
STEVENSON George William Fobister Pte H6792 17/03/1987
SMITH 1 Elmer Clifford Cpl F40510 19/03/1987
MACARTHUR Murdo Neil Rfm E29931 31/03/1987
BERTUILLI Emile   Pte H6961 16/04/1987
DUNDERDALE John Edward Lieut   02/05/1987
THIBEAULT Hubert J. Pte H6228 12/07/1987
EBERT George Henry Pte H6496 21/08/1987
MONTROY George   LCpl H6181 31/10/1987
CAMPBELL John Henry F. Pte H37793 13/11/1987
BATY Stanley   Pte H6455 07/12/1987
WATERS Ann May Lieut   18/12/1987
GAUDIN Kenneth Mearl   E30229 28/12/1987
DIBLEY Richard John Pte H77462 24/03/1988
TUGBY Marcus Charles   H6020 12/05/1988
FORTUNE Herbert Russel Pte H6548 20/07/1988
BOISSONNEAULT4 Adrien Emile Rfm E29823 28/08/1988
DRAHO Emil   Pte H6874 18/09/1988
MACKECHNIE Hugh Edward 2Lieut   22/09/1988
HUARD Raymond Joseph Pte H6041 27/09/1988
KENNEDY Stanley   Pte H41766 27/09/1988
HOLDEN Oliver Andrew Pte H6556 16/10/1988
LOGAN Frank V. WO II H6179 29/10/1988
GURSKI Joseph Stanley Pte H6480 04/11/1988
LOWE Arthur Burton Rfm E30157 12/11/1988
LAMOUREUX George August Pte H6109 23/11/1988
PRAIRIE Alexander   Pte H46582 26/11/1988
KYRNISKI William   Pte H6877 08/12/1988
CAMERON Floyd Colin   E30608 14/12/1988
HAUSER Theodore T   P28096 21/12/1988
POLLOCK Simon Fraser Rfm E30330 02/01/1989
SHAYLER William Alfred LCpl H6794 12/01/1989
ALLEN Irvin   Rfm E29921 19/01/1989
KERR Stephen Maxwell   F40849 07/03/1989
SOPER George Arthur   B45667 30/03/1989
DUNN George William Pte H6285 05/04/1989
NOBISS Roger   Pte H6507 12/04/1989
ROSS Raymond   Rfm E29343 19/04/1989
PETCH Franklyn Charles Pte K85493 28/04/1989
FORD Thomas Henry Pte H17514 19/05/1989
BURNS John Francis   C5942 06/06/1989
MALLOCH James Alexander Pte L13230 14/06/1989
DELORME Joseph Enore Pte H6870 27/06/1989
HODKINSON Ernest   Maj   05/07/1989
HAWKINS William David Pte H75162 06/08/1989
REICH Frederick   Pte H6716 24/08/1989
MCLEOD Donald Alexander Pte H6055 09/09/1989
RUTHERFORD Campbell William John Pte H6902 24/09/1989
FUREY James   Pte H6385 27/09/1989
BAKER George W. Harold Rfm E30200 01/10/1989
JOHNSTON Charles Douglas Grant Lt   27/10/1989
THOMSON Walter Thomas Pte H6594 29/10/1989
BENNETT Arthur Ernest Pte H67024 06/11/1989
CLARK Gordon   Pte H6897 21/11/1989
POWERS Vincent Stanley Rfm E30720 07/12/1989
PERREAULT Isidore   Rfm E29696 01/01/1990
COMEAU Martin Joseph Rfm E30350 03/01/1990
LUCHKA Paul   Pte H6662 14/01/1990
DROVER Archibald Frederick Rfm E30730 05/02/1990
ADAMS Robert Dewar LCpl H6628 07/02/1990
CHABOYER Wilfrid   Pte H41683 10/02/1990
COLEMAN Ralph George Rfm E30062 12/02/1990
BAKALUK Harry J. Pte H41812 21/02/1990
WARDELL2 Thomas David Rfm E30634 05/03/1990
ROBERTSON (Ashton) William Stirling Pte H6780 07/03/1990
SYMES Stanley Delbert Pte H6928 26/03/1990
LAWSON Henry Gordon Pte H6823 30/03/1990
OSADCHUK Michael   Pte H6886 10/05/1990
GRANT Robert Lyle Pte H6812 14/05/1990
DOUGLAS John Taylor Sgm K34017 07/06/1990
MOORE Reginald Harry Rfm C65315 11/06/1990
MORRISSETTE Alexander   Pte H41731 14/06/1990
PAUL Joseph Daniel Pte H6871 21/07/1990
CARTER Victor Ernest Cpl H6486 07/09/1990
RHEAULT Albert Dona Pte H41841 10/11/1990
PARENTEAU Robert Frederick Pte L41404 15/11/1990
DE VILLERS Arthur A.J. Pte H6314 26/11/1990
WIEBE Elmer E. Pte H77713 06/12/1990
LADDS William John Rfm E30091 01/01/1991
BOUDREAU Robert Andrew Augustine Rfm E30377 16/01/1991
HARRIS Arthur John Pte H17535 30/01/1991
MALLOWS Harry   Pte H6322 31/01/1991
BLACK Michael   Pte H6956 01/02/1991
SKIBINSKI Alexander   Pte H6739 01/02/1991
HENDERSON Stewart Derrill Rfm E29919 15/02/1991
DONNELLY Howard Gerald Sgt H6444 23/03/1991
MEADE Ernest Joseph Rfm E30375 26/03/1991
LANCOUR Walter Raymond Rfm C41428 28/03/1991
WILLIAMSON Gordon Edward Pte H6436 01/04/1991
HENDERSON Alexander   Cpl H6805 22/04/1991
SMITH Edward Albert Rfm E30278 15/05/1991
FROST Kenneth Ivan Rfm E30280 22/06/1991
PALMER George Thomas LCpl F40192 07/07/1991
HAND Jason Howell Rfm A20525 26/07/1991
WILLIAMS George Edgar Pte H75038 12/09/1991
ROSE Albert   Cpl E29967 20/10/1991
EBDON Frank William WO II E29977 21/10/1991
BOYD Robert   SSgt H6345 24/10/1991
UTECH Robert Gordon Pte H41797 29/10/1991
ZAHARA Joseph   Pte H6936 30/11/1991
COX Alfred John Pte H6068 30/01/1992
COLE Gordon Arthur Pte H3003 13/02/1992
MCKNIGHT Gerald Ernest Pte H6865 15/02/1992
LAMBLIN Etienne   Pte H17325 24/02/1992
MURRAY Mathew William Rfm C6387 06/03/1992
LAVALLEE Frederick Joseph Pte H6744 12/03/1992
EVANS Francis Henry Rfm B46009 13/03/1992
TIBBITTS Clifford Felix Rfm E29858 02/04/1992
MURRAY James Thomas Frederick Pte H6133 04/05/1992
LEWIS Lawrence John Pte H41704 21/06/1992
MORRIS William Henry Pte H6132 22/08/1992
DREBIT Peter   Pte H17440 31/08/1992
WHEATCROFT Gordon William Pte H6844 12/09/1992
SIMPSON Percy Leamen Sgt E29837 14/09/1992
MILLAR Herbert Richard Pte H6475 11/10/1992
CLUBB Albert Nelson Pte H6619 18/10/1992
SLOVINSKY Walter W. Pte H6482 30/10/1992
GRIEVES Charles Richard Pte H17580 12/11/1992
TRASIEWICK Joseph Fred Pte H6238 12/11/1992
SMITH George Ernest   H6910 10/12/1992
SPIER Alfred William Pte H6049 13/11/1992
OAKFORD Albert Edward Pte H6652 03/01/1993
STEPHENS John   Pte H6138 20/01/1993
COUGHLER Wendell Ferguson Rfm C31402 04/02/1993
MACNAUGHTON William   Cpl E29963 23/02/1993
FLANAGAN James Andrew Rfm E30353 27/02/1993
BLOCK Robert Severin Pte H16659 09/03/1993
PRICE George Irwin Pte L2593 04/04/1993
BRADBURY Charles   Pte K85467 10/05/1993
PRICE Jack   LtCol   19/05/1993
MUIR Kenneth   Rfm E29868 01/06/1993
BATY Arthur William Pte H6454 09/06/1993
STEWART James Hamilton Pte H17258 11/06/1993
PORTER Kenneth Edward Sgt H6118 14/06/1993
SHALALA John Alexander Rfm E30441 22/07/1993
LYONS Arthur   Pte H6225 22/08/1993
BOGARD Peter   Pte L2974 27/08/1993
JACKSON Arthur Howland Pte H6216 29/08/1993
MCKEE Charles Hugh Rfm B75058 01/09/1993
JIGGINS Frank   Rfm C65439 07/09/1993
PARK John Elphinstone 2Lieut   15/09/1993
DALZELL Robert Paddy Pte H6268 25/10/1993
HARVIE Andrew David Pte H6826 01/11/1993
BALLINGALL Arthur Thomas Pte H6037 12/12/1993
MILLIS Stanley Ernest Pte H6913 26/12/1993
CORRIGAN Leonard Bertram Lt   15/01/1994
CYR Willmer Joseph Rfm E30426 17/01/1994
CHRISTIE Katherine Georgina Lieut   08/02/1994
STODGELL George Roy Pte H6352 29/03/1994
SHEPHERD Harold Barlow Sgt E30180 07/04/1994
HARDY Joseph Ralston Rfm E30723 08/04/1994
MOYSEY Philip Maxwell LCpl H6664 10/05/1994
SISSONS Frederick Gordon LSgt H6669 21/06/1994
MILLER Joseph Howard Rfm E30192 30/07/1994
MACIVER Harry Victor Rfm E30054 11/08/1994
DOODY Irving Garnet Rfm E30678 13/08/1994
BOURGET Robert O. Rfm E30631 05/09/1994
GALBRAITH Nelson Carlyle Pte H6186 29/09/1994
HENDERSON Lawrence   Rfm E29960 06/10/1994
MANN Weston Alfred Rfm E29998 07/10/1994
MUNN Arthur Herbert Pte H6195 18/10/1994
ROBINSON Clifford   Rfm E29962 24/10/1994
CARR Murray Garnet Rfm G27223 31/10/1994
MALBEUF Fred   Pte L28212 01/11/1994
LUCAS Thomas Stanley Rfm E29878 10/11/1994
DANIELSON John Henry Pte H62834 22/12/1994
GREY Walter   Rfm C65160 23/12/1994


1. Received from son, Frazer Smith via email in Mar '09:

My father, Elmer Clifford Smith, F40510, Cpl., Royal Rifles of Canada, passed away 19 March 1987, in Crystal River, Florida, USA.  He was resident in Rothsay Ontario at the time of his death.

He and a few companions surrendered to the Japanese on Boxing Day, Dec 26, 1941.  He finished up internment at Sendai Camp #2 in Japan. 

Frazer Smith 

2. Info on Thomas David Wardell rec'd by email from Lisa Bird, daughter on 20 Oct '08.

3. Info received via email from Granddaughter Robin McGregor in May '09. No date of death provided.

4. Info received via email from Director QC Region in Jun '10.


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