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Sorted by date of death. Use page search (Edit menu) to quickly find a name.


Disclaimer: while the information contained in the "Last Post" is believed to be accurate, HKVCA posts it as a service only and is not liable for any errors or omissions.

Thanks to Vince Lopata for providing this information.

Names that are underlined are linked to other information.

Last Name First Name Second Names Rank Regt No Date of Death (dd/mm/yyyy)
THOMSON Andrew Cecil Meredith Capt   01/01/1975
BOURBONNIERE Hector   Pte H6854 13/01/1975
BATTEN John Henry Pte H6009 15/01/1975
CURRIE Richard Angus Cpl H6262 17/01/1975
SMITH William James Connolly Pte G6010 11/03/1975
FOWLER Roy   Pte H6244 31/05/1975
GLADUE William Louis Pte H41793 19/07/1975
OLCEN Stanley Gustaf Carl Pte H6421 21/07/1975
SISSONS Arthur Wesley Pte H6770 04/09/1975
WALLACE David   Pte H6926 05/09/1975
BRAZEAU Lucien Antonio Pte H75144 08/11/1975
PRICE Meirion   Pte H20683 06/12/1975
AMPI Kalle   Rfm F30594 13/12/1975
CLARKSON Kenneth Herman Sgt E29901 22/02/1976
PAUL William Orville Pte H20021 26/03/1976
AITKEN Leonard   Pte H41833 14/05/1976
AXENTCHUK William   Pte H6963 14/05/1976
GREGG Peter Maurice Pte H6511 16/05/1976
DOOLEY Wilfred Joseph Pte H6733 18/07/1976
ST. GERMAINE Thomas Edward Pte   18/07/1976
HASKAYNE Thomas Henry Pte H6869 27/07/1976
PORTEOUS George   Sup   01/01/1977
ZACHARKO Steven   Pte H41723 25/02/1977
CLARK John Paul Pte H6409 02/04/1977
SADOVA Frederick   Pte H41540 20/04/1977
HELBREN Robert James Pte H6635 08/05/1977
TRIST George   Maj   23/05/1977
KEENAN Oscar Charles WO I H6001 17/08/1977
BARDAL Njall Ofeigur Lieut   19/09/1977
WINRAM Harley McTavish Pte H6266 14/10/1977
MICHALEK Paul   Pte H41696 18/05/1978
BOWMAN Herbert   Pte H41810 15/08/1978
HISCOX Sydney N. Cpl H6339 09/10/1978
LINKLATER Clifford Dempsey Pte H6741 21/10/1978
MAWSON Alfred Erle Eden Sgt H6167 11/01/1979
MCARTHUR Cecil James Stanley Cpl H6051 03/02/1979
TEMPLE George Alfred LCpl H6103 28/02/1979
PIGOTT William Francis SSgt H6408 05/03/1979
FOWLER James John Pte H19030 06/03/1979
KYRYLUIK Frederick   Rfm B46174 09/03/1979
HAMELIN Alfred James Pte H41892 10/06/1979
REID John   Maj   07/07/1979 (info rec'd from Jon Reid, son)
HOBSON Edmund Spencer Pte H6166 19/07/1979
SMITH Frank   Pte H41715 04/12/1979
FRENETTE Joseph Charles Rfm E30329 05/12/1979
BORESHEWICK Alexander   Pte H77401 23/12/1979
TREMBETH Richard Hubert SSgt H6625 03/03/1980
BENNETT Ronald Vivian Pte H6405 08/03/1980
MILLER John William Pte H41669 10/03/1980
CARUSO John Dominic Pte H46574 15/04/1980
MACIVER Donald   Rfm E29854 16/06/1980
JOHNSTON Clifford Lorne Pte H6472 21/06/1980
WALL Freddie L.   E30433 25/06/1980
CAMERON Harry Douglas Pte H6880 02/08/1980
STEWART Guy J Pte H6824 ?/?1980 (info rec'd from Keith Stewart via email 24 Oct '08)
TYLER Stanley   Rfm E30496 01/01/1981
MORGAN Francis John Pte H6620 08/01/1981
VEALE Richard Frederick LCpl H6026 13/03/1981
HODGKINSON John Steven Fred Pte H6730 14/03/1981
HARRIS Frank   Pte H41117 04/04/1981
EVERETT George Thomas Rfm E30158 30/07/1981
MCCULLEY Kenneth Baxter LSgt H6039 24/11/1981
PENNY Donald A. Sgt K34027 13/02/1982 (from nephew, Burke Penny, Jun '10)
ADAMS Frederick George WO II H6502 18/02/1982
BRITTON John A. Cpl H6066 27/02/1982
SKIBINSKI John   Pte H6740 17/05/1982
COMMERFORD Pat   Rfm E22816 05/06/1982
FINDLAY George Knox LCpl E29844 21/07/1982
GUY Alvin Lester Pte H41664 30/07/1982
LAFORTUNE Marcien   Pte H6503 11/10/1982
SINCLAIR Thomas Henry Sgt H6685 24/11/1982
HEATH James Graydon LCpl E29915 21/01/1983
MCBRIDE Thomas Andrew Pte H6706 21/02/1983
PATTERSON Lloyd George Pte H6907 04/03/1983
KOHUT Basil   Pte H6899 05/06/1983
PAUL Aime Morris Pte H6855 07/06/1983
THERIAULT Oswald Joseph Rfm E30030 09/08/1983
FAWCETT Wilbert Russell Pte H6914 30/08/1983
SKWAROK Leonard Eugene Pte H58022 25/10/1983
FAGG Frederick J.W. Pte H6015 06/11/1983
NEAL Ernest Robert James Sgt H6763 11/12/1983
HALL Richard McPherson Pte H6759 23/12/1983
LAXSON Kenneth Pearley Rfm E40445 01/01/1984
FORDYCE William John Pte H6518 03/02/1984
MIRON Henry Peter Pte H77564 24/03/1984
HARDING William J. Pte H6332 31/03/1984
MATHESON John Cameron Pte H6736 17/05/1984
SPECHT Louis Ludwig Pte H6420 06/06/1984
SMITH William John Pte H6354 12/07/1984
BOYER Joseph Albert Pte H41568 27/07/1984
MCKNIGHT Melville Garnet Pte H6863 22/08/1984
HARDY John Herbert Pte H6253 12/09/1984
BRATCHELL John Milton Pte H6054 13/10/1984
THOMAS Ernest Michael Pte H20220 07/12/1984
BRAZEL Ervin Arnold LCpl E30466 24/12/1984
VAN DAMME Marcel   Pte H6665 29/12/1984


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