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Sorted by date of death. Use page search (Edit menu) to quickly find a name.


Disclaimer: while the information contained in the "Last Post" is believed to be accurate, HKVCA posts it as a service only and is not liable for any errors or omissions.

Thanks to Vince Lopata for providing this information.

Names that are underlined are linked to other information.

Last Name First Name Second Names Rank Regt No Date of Death (dd/mm/yyyy)
TURK David   Pte H6481 14/06/1965
SEYMOUR Albert Edwin Pte H6022 31/07/1965
PATRICK Leonard   Rfm E30542 01/09/1965
FINDLAY Lorne Clifton Raymond Rfm E30763 23/11/1965
WARD Thomas Lawrence Pte H6649 30/11/1965
Poirier Levis Joseph Rfm E30366 06/05/19663
CLARK Charles Albert Sgt C97586 11/01/1967
COLEMAN Glen Myron Rfm E30063 26/04/1967
JACKSON James Alfred Pte H6642 30/10/19671
MCLEAN Neil   Pte H6134 16/11/1967
JONSSON Carl Triggve Pte H6312 04/04/1968
BOTTERILL Jack   Pte H6788 14/05/1968
BUDD Arthur Edward LSgt H6580 15/05/1968
MCKINNON Archibald Hutchinson Sgt H6024 28/06/1968
HOOSHA John   Pte H6076 17/07/1968
FISHER Charles Edward Pte H6633 25/07/1968
LEBLANC George L. Pte H6452 18/08/1968
MCNAUGHTON Henry Peter Sgt H6165 15/02/1969
DENNIS Frederick Victor Lieut   01/04/1969
ENGLISH Frederick Arthur Edward Pte H77155 26/05/1969
DAVIDSON David Fred August Pte H6616 07/07/1969
CASPER Leo John Pte H6607 08/08/1969
TURNER Robert James Pte H6273 11/10/1969
STRATTON John Julius Pte H6017 10/11/1969
ALLISON Seymour George Rfm E30126 03/12/1969
SPENCLEY Walter Joseph Rfm B72966 01/01/1970
BELCOURT Victor   Pte H17500 17/02/1970
WILLIAMS Percival Martyn Pte H6678 07/07/1970
CAMPBELL John Wilford Pte H6566 10/07/1970
MCSHANE Robert Thomas Pte H6868 16/07/1970
QUEEN-HUGHES Richard Wilfred 2Lieut   19/07/1970
GERARD George Thomas Cpl G22736 27/09/1970
BURDEN Samuel   Pte H6033 12/10/1970
WEIR Thomas Donald Pte H6516 01/01/1971
WOLCZUK Joseph John Pte H6562 09/01/1971
BOULETTE William George Pte H41902 21/02/1971
WOLD Roy Arnold SSgt H6230 01/04/1971
MOORE William   Pte K25434 18/06/1971
DRURY Harry   Pte H6892 24/06/1971
FLEMING Albert George Pte H6073 24/09/1971
DUPLAGA Stanley   Pte H6306 20/12/1971
DIMES Albert George Pte H6524 26/01/1972
SLIPCHENKO Ivan   LCpl H6287 24/04/1972
CAMERON Donald Michael Pte H6927 01/07/1972
STODDARD Raymond   Cpl E30609 01/11/1972
MILLOY John C. Pte H6772 28/04/1973
DURRANT Maurice Frank Pte H6201 20/05/1973
HOFF Arthur Norman Pte H6390 14/06/1973
DOWNIE James   Pte H6070 07/07/1973
NOEL Maxwell Donald Pte H41778 04/10/1973
McColm Frank   Rfm E30349 25/04/1974
ALLEY Ralph Donald  
DENTON Ralph Johnston Pte H16910 28/08/1974
SIWIK William   Pte H6630 14/09/1974
HANER George Alvin Cpl H6146 18/09/1974
FINDLEY Joseph   Rfm E29925 18/10/1974
KITT John   Pte H77648 21/10/1974
MONDOR Paul Emile Pte L13472 26/11/1974
KINCAID Colin   Pte H6593 29/11/1974
COLE Edward William Pte H41655 04/12/1974
KELLY William Alexander Pte H6832 08/12/1974
CALDER Vincent Archie Rfm B46619 15/12/19742
SMITHSON Robert Honeyman Pte H6613 28/12/1974



1. Received via email from Dennis H. Stewart on 2 Feb '09

2. Received via email from Bill Calder, nephew, in March '10

3. Received via email from Michael Levesque, son of Levis Poirier, in June 2013


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