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Sorted by date of death. Use page search (Edit menu) to quickly find a name.


Disclaimer: while the information contained in the "Last Post" is believed to be accurate, HKVCA posts it as a service only and is not liable for any errors or omissions.

Thanks to Vince Lopata for providing this information.

Names that are underlined are linked to other information.

Last Name First Name Second Names Rank Regt No Date of Death (dd/mm/yyyy)
AIRRIESS Frank Henry Pte L2865 15/09/1945
JACKSON Kenneth Boyden LCpl H6347 29/09/1945
ELSLIGER Alfred William Rfm E30574 25/10/1945
KEAYS Albert Clinton Rfm E30115 05/12/1945
LEVESQUE Ernest Louis Rfm E30228 12/12/1945
MORRISSEAU Edward Joseph Pte H20809 23/12/1945
SANDERSON Isaac   Pte H41818 14/02/1946
HARRISON Otis Maxwell Pte E30769 24/02/1946
FAULCONER George Mulholland Sgt H6799 31/03/1946
SIMMONS Gordon   Rfm F30682 05/07/1946
CHANNELL Bernard Leslie Rfm E30389 04/10/1946
MOSIONIER John Charles Pte H41648 05/10/1946
GILBERT Bertram Scott Rfm E30074 16/11/1946
LESLIE Franklyn George Rfm E30410 13/04/1947
LASENBA Earl   Rfm E29932 17/06/1947
MORGAN George Oswald Pte H6777 01/07/1947
HANNAN Patrick Arthur Joseph Rfm E30422 11/07/1947
CLARK Arlie   Pte H6873 15/08/1947
PODOSKY Joesph   Pte H6947 03/11/1947
FLETCHER Frank   Pte H6893 28/05/1948
GARBUTT Ernest William Pte H6937 28/07/1948
FRANCKIEWIEZ John Joseph Pte H6074 28/10/1949
NORRIS John Alexander Capt   08/11/1949
FRENCH Eric   Pte H6422 01/01/1950
BILYK Mike   Pte H6672 28/07/1950
BLAVER Collison Alexander Capt   01/10/1951
FALCON Joseph Martin Pte H6035 27/12/1951
BECKSTEAD Percy William Pte H41670 03/02/1952
ROGERS Walter   Pte L2654 14/06/1952
THOMAS Arthur Cecil Pte H6185 29/03/1953
JEFFERY William Ernest Pte H6542 30/06/1953
MACPHERSON John C. Pte H20820 19/08/1953
KITKOSKI Joseph   Sgt H6120 07/10/1953
MCLEOD Joseph   Pte H6419 31/10/1953
COOPER James Ross Pte H19772 31/12/1953
FISHER Delmar Lee Cpl H6030 09/11/1954


1. Note: On 13 Apr '09 information on Maj Bailie was removed from this page based on an email from John Norris which stated that Maj Bailie was alive in 1961 and probably buried in Victoria, BC.

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