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BANFILL, Stanley Martin, Major, MBE

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

Canada Gazette dated 15 June 1946 (No. 24, Vol. 80, p.3849) and CARO/6632 dated 17 June 1946.

Major Banfill was captured by the Japanese in the early stages of the fighting at Hong Kong. All wounded prisoners of war at this time were treated by Major Banfill without medical supplies, necessitating continuous work for a considerable time, and through his tireless efforts, saved many lives.

During the diphtheria epidemic of 1942 when anti-toxin was not available or scarce in supply, and continuously and consistently during the whole period of captivity, his devotion to duty was outstanding and undoubtedly he saved many lives. During the diphtheria epidemic he was forbidden to visit his patients at night but frequently risked beatings and possibly worse to go to his patients. Working always with inadequate supplies of medicines, poor instruments and under extremely bad housing conditions, he improvised in company with other medical officers to such good effect that even intricate and delicate operations were carried out successfully.

The contribution he made to the health and well-being of all ranks cannot be over-emphasized, and there is ample evidence that he inspired many sick, hungry and depressed prisoners of war with a new desire to live.


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