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What role does HKVCA play in assisting the Hong Kong veterans in achieving restitution for their treatment in World War II and post-war? As indicated in our mission and goals, HKVCA advocates on behalf of the Hong Kong veterans and widows to ensure they have access to all services provided by Veterans Affairs Canada. As HKVCA has charitable status, we cannot endanger that status by making political statements on behalf of our veterans. It should be noted that the Government of Canada paid an extraordinary benefit to Hong Kong veterans in 1998. Read more by visiting the Veterans Affairs Canada site. Once there, select the Search tool and enter the search terms "hong kong veterans payment".

It should also be noted that these veterans never held their assignment against the Canadian government nor did they ever seek any type of apology for it.

How many Hong Kong veterans are still living? See the membership table below and look at the "V" column.
I would like to join HKVCA - how do I do this? Check out the Contacts page linked from the left sidebar.
How many people are members of HKVCA? Up to date as of March 2017










ATL 92 3 4 99
BC 40 1 25 66
ON 138 3 31 172
PR 181 3 35 219
QC 61 6 25 92
TOTAL 512 16 120 648

V: Veteran
W: Widow
R: Regular

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